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Running .elf file on ubuntu platform, Zynq Board

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Jul 27, 2017
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Hi all,

i am a newbie when it comes to embedded world.

I somehow managed to download a prebuilt image on the zynq snickerdoodle development board. It boots up in ubuntu 16.

I have generated a hello world program that prints Hello world from dolly on the console. I have chosen the platform as linux in the project properties.

How do i transfer this .elf file on the sd card? is it placed with the other contents of the image that is already present on the sd card? I used win 10 PC to transfer the image files to my sd card and develop the .elf file?

How do i run the .elf file?
Do i have to make any changes in the linux image?

I have provided the tera term screenshot and the sd card contents....

Please help me!!


you can transfer file by using "WinScp "application (it uses ssh connection to the Zynq board - which you used with TeraTerm). Here is link to their website:

After you open connection to the board (Zynq) then you will be able to change target directory (you have to choose: /home/snick directory), and copy elf file to this directory.
Then run a program like you have been trying earlier, by using Linux shell.

Good Luck
and Regards

Thank you for replying...
I am not sure how to connect to the snickerdoodle via the SCP software.. What do I enter as the hostname and the port number?
Please see the images and the connection I use in teraterm to connect to the snickerdoodle.


sorry for answering with big delay. In field "Host name" you should give the same IP addres as in "Tera-Term" window (it was: After copy elf file it could be necessary to change permissions of this file. You can do it by command: chmod - for example chmod 755 elffile.


Hi I am back after many days.
I had not used the hostname for the connection. I had selected the USB port where the Board was connected. I am still facing problem connecting to the board.
In field "Host name" you should give the same IP addres as in "Tera-Term" window (it was:

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