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run atleast 6 ..2 channel RC transsmitter Receiver..

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Aug 16, 2009
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hey....guys am lookin to race multiple boats on through RC .... i hav designed da chasiss nd gonna control da forward motion wid 1 motor...(use 1 channel of da RC) nd another for sidewise movement...(2nd channel of da RC).... so for dat i need to kno how to make da RC transimmtter nd REceiver...nd make em in such way so dat ..i can run atleast 6 boats at a time.......

now da catch is i have no idea on doze..nd how to go about makin em....i searchd da net for it ..but couldnt get ne helpful info... i really hope...u guys can and atleast point me in da right direction...

PS... hav no access to radio shack or hobbyist RC gotta make it all by myself..

2 channel receiver for rc boat

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You need one 2-channel encoder AND a different carrier frequency per boat.

Making this all by yourself is going to be tricky, because you won't be able to easily divide up your carrier frequency evenly. Buy 433MHz modules that can do 6 channels and use a different channel for each boat.

Oh, and if you want more help, start writing in a language that doesn't make you sound like a "l33t sp34k" idiot.

how to build a rc receiver

You may use HT12 based RF remote transmitters with four buttons, transmitting on differnt addresses to control different boats. God luck

rc 3 way receiver

Thanks for your help and pardon me for the language Agronski. NOw if i use a 433MHz module with 6 channels i wont be able to control all the boats as I need a total of 12channels for all the boats. I was wondering on using all the RF at the same frequency but use different carrier signals for each boat. would that work?

Added after 5 minutes:

By the way could i actually buy RF controls which would allow me to do what i want? if so where could i get them

can u control 2 motor with 1 receiver

As the output of all the transmitters are very low and the range is limited to 50-100 meters, you may use the same frequency with different addresses. For your application of 6 boats, you'll require 6 transmitters and 6 receievers. You will get ready to assemble kits or completely assembled tested kits at Good luck

how build 2 channel rc receiver

Thanks a lot for your help. It was really the kind of solution i was looking for and sorry for getting back to this late. By the way if it isnt asking a bit too much from you can u tell me where i might get more info about the addressing like a book or reference of a website would be helpful....

And again thank you alot for your help

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