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rs232 and hc11- connection problem

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Dec 18, 2002
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rs232 and hc11

hello guys
lately i m working on a connection from my hc11 to a serial printer
well everything worked great ,until i decided to interface my
hc11 with the pc
i connected the same port on com2 of my pc and used the hyperterminal
connection that is supproted wth widows to c if anything will appear onmy screen ....
..and nothing .
so i need your help out there , how to connect the hc11 to my pc using serial communication and what program should i use to c the result
thx for all your help

If you have set the same baudrate, databit, stopbit and parity in both ends.
And connected TXD, RXD right in the connectors it could be the Hyperterminal.

It has a nice feature that after changing the communication parameters,
you have to do disconnect and connect again for get the parameters working.
You can also save the session, restart the program.


If you used the cable with your printer, it might be that your HC11 is the DTE and and the printer is the DCE end. Once you connect it to the PC, both are DTE. This means that TX circuit is connected to TX circuit and likewise for the other circuits.
If this is indeed the problem, what you need to do is to use a cross-cable, or if you use just the TX and RX circuits, simply cross those.

Or just simply check if hardware handshaking is set :)

(It shouldn´t)


thx to all of u guys
actually i solved the problem
it is from the hyperterminal i got a newer versionand it worked great
thx a lot guys for ur help :lol:

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