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"RF-PIC-Serial Port" Based Project

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Jan 21, 2004
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rfpic project

I'm having a problem about PIC programing. I have an LCD display and RF receiver connected to the LCD.When I type some text information on my computer; the information will be sent to the transmitter via serial port and then to the receiver of the LCD from the transmitter, and information will be shown on the display until any other information are sent. The schematic is attached.

I'll be glad if you advise a way or sources to handle it.

pic serial rf decoder

On the pc side you'll need a program to send the text (and any other control chars) char by char to the serial port, you need to know the transmitter, receiver and lcd controller to know what else to send with the text to make them work the way you want, a good place to look for that information is the datasheet of the components of your system.
On the pc side you can use hyperterminal to send text to the serial port but with the rest i can't help you, you don't give any other info on the hardware you have so it's difficult for anyone to help you more with just the schematic.

rf pic tutorial

mithatt said:
I'll be glad if you advise a way or sources to handle it.

Welcome to this forum, Mithatt

ROOKIE said:
so it's difficult for anyone to help you more with just the schematic

ROOKIE don't be rude with a newbie. It's his first post here.

Mithatt, you have all you need here. It's a very nice and practical tutorial.

You need this hardware:
and / or
and definitely these:

and this software:
more details here:

and this one to get familiar with RS232 communication
more details here:


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pc port based projects

Thanks for the advices my friends...


I know it's so simple info .I'm just in the research step of the project. I'd like to find out sources as much as possible..


Also thanks for the links... They will absolutely be useful.



A lot depends on the transmitter/receiver you are using. If they are inexpensive modules like the laipac TLP modules, you will have to do more than just hook up serial I/O. You will have to do some sort of encoding (google for manchester coding).

However, I would first get this running by connecting the serial output of the sender (after the rs232 driver) directly to the serial input of the receiver (i.e., take the transmitter and receiver out of the set up initially). Once you have it working, you can add the Tx/Rx pair back in. it will be much easier to debug this way.

Finally, Rookie wasn't being rude, just honest. the less detail there is, the harder it will be for some one to help silvio.

rf to serial

I assume that the Rx->LCD is a functional block in that it contains the RF section and some sort of MCU/controller. You can use the rfPIC from microchip on both sides of the link. This would provide a suitable RS232 interface from the PC as well as handle the RF and drive the LCD.

just my 2c

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