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RF-MEMS Simulation with coventorware

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Dec 11, 2002
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mems simulation

I need some suggestion for the analysis of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Switches. Thanks in advance.

mems in cst


I hope the following file be useful.


ansys mems simulation

hi mems123
Do you have any suggestion for MMW application?

simulation of antennas mems

Sorry, I am working on thermal micro sensors including flow sensors, temperature sensors … but one of my friends has good information about MEMS based micro switches.
I will want him to help you. Please send me your complete questions about MEMS Switches?
Also please see my requests in the following address. I hope u can help me:

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**


mems pro

In the following some papers about Rf mems switches are posted. hope help you.

also please see my requests in the following links. i need your help.

**broken link removed**

**broken link removed**

simulation for mems switch

you can look
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**
i think they are useful.

rf mems designing and simulation

For RF MEMS simulation I did it perfect with EM3DS. w*w.memresearch,com.
it worked for me prob'ly will work for you too.


best rf mems switch papers

the parts of 6,7 of mems switches papers are posted.
hope help you.


ansys mems

People at my instuition use @NSYS to do the simulation. They use thermal property in order to move the switch.

ansys rf mems

thermal property.

your switch won't fast. but mems switch is SOOOO slow any way

thermal related rf mems papers

midnite posted this on "EM simulator". i guess he wants to know RF mems switches, besides some points of course, like myself.

rf mems switch is pretty stupid and straightforward for EM simulations

you use good conductor (Au, Cu, Al) and nice dieletric (good Si, alumina, etc). the shape which RF signal can "see" is simple. (yes, forget the fancy shapes they are showing off)

the device is small and mount line is electrically short. if your simulation does not match your measurement, ha!

simulation for mems in ads


can anyone please tell me what do I need excatly in MEMS Pro and ANsys to simulate RF MEMS and what is the function of each package?

rf mems

I think conventorware is the best for simulation of RF MEMS switch.

rf mems switch with design and simulation

mems123 said:
the parts of 6,7 of mems switches papers are posted.
hope help you.


latest updates in mems

Hi.. Does anyone got any simulation of MEMS over CST?? Thanks

rf conventorware

hi all,
repeating the question again. I am trying to integrate mems switches over micro strip antennas. i already simulated antenna over CST. now i want to integrate mems on it. any idea how to do it on cst??

rf mems switch design and simulation

Any updates on MEMS design in CST??

Dear all friends, i am facing problems on coventor ware regarding simple hole beam structure. plz can u tell me what is the exact way out of it.........which type of meshing i should use 4 it........when i m making rectangular hole then manhaton briks are doin well but probs arise when it is circular hole..i tried it with tetrahedral with 130 and more element size but probs remains same....plz help me out............waiting 4 ur valuable response..............

Re: RF-MEMS tunable capacitor Simulation with coventorware

I am under graduating student of Electronics and make final projects. I want design MEMS tunable capacitor using coventor. anyone know how to design tunable capacitor and if you know, can you help me to explain step by step how want to design it in architect or designer.

ok, thank you..

i wanna do the simulation of wine glass disk resonator in coventor. is there anybody which can help me?????

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