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RF 433 remote control

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Oct 14, 2004
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rf remote control schematic

I am trying to build a rf remote control. I have construct the following schematics but it doesnt work. The encoder and decoder ICs are from Holtek (HT12E & HT12D) and the rf receiver,transmitter are from telecontrolli (RR3-XXX & RT4-XXX). Can u help me? i have check everything but i dont know what is going wrong.


The schematic is not corect. Here your are the corect Rx-Tx design.

rf 433

You think that the diodes is the problem? In the following application the encoder schematic includes these diodes.
**broken link removed**

433 remote control

What Transmitter do you use ? Are you sure it works at 12V ?

rs232 rf433

Please capture the data.

1.) Connect probe1 to Tx data of transmitter

2.) Connect probe2 to receive data at Rx

3.) Use probe1 at trigger and make they are common gnd

4.) Capture both Tx and Rx data on scope

The possible reason is as following :

Rx switched on before receiving data so that it picked up both noise and signal. After demodulation, there were random pulses ( background random noise being amplified ) appeared before valid data arrived. As the decoder could not distinguish whether these ramdom pulses were part of the code or not. The decoder will decode whatever it received therefore it treated the random pulses as part the the code and hence wrong output.


hi auto mitch
i have also made the same project
i am using 892051
that give the serial data to TX (RTF3 okwelectronics)
and on the Receiver end i reciev data from RX (RRF1 okwelectronics) and direct it to 892051 that direct it to pc rs 232 after some manipulation ............
i monitor the rx data on the hyp terminal but
auto mitch i dont know what is going wrong that the receiver doesnt receive any data packet ,after some time i saw on hyp terminal raw data, not exact packet that was transmiited by the TX
auto mitch i want to get help about this if u have captured am-rt4-433

Thank a lot

saw 433 schema

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