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require suggestions for replacing obselete infineon part (MESFET device)

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Nov 30, 2007
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I have been using CFY25-20P Hi-rel version from Infineon for my circuits operating at 12GHz.This is a MESFET ,popular for medium power applications.

Unfortunately Infineon has discontinued production of this part recently for its Hi-rel version.
Now,I am looking for an equivalent part,which can
replace this one.
Kindly give your valuable suggestions to select a device,which can provide gain (8.5dB min) in frequency band of 10.5-12GHz.But the device should be available
in Hi-rel version.
I will be using the device for frequency multiplication(frequency triple 4GHz to 12GHz).

Is infineon has not suggested any alternate to the discontinued parts? Check in their website regarding this.

There is no suggested replacement from Infineon

I'd guess that with some bias tweaking, one of the GaN
RF small signal FETs might handle the job nicely. In the
sense of RF performance at least.

You will probably face some problems getting "Hi Rel"
(which usually means military, hence military end use,
hence munition by the lights of US export control)
parts out of US distributors, and perhaps Infineon
had these made in the US and has tired of dealing
with ITAR and just obsoleted the product instead
(or, found that all their business had already moved
on to better devices such as GaN or GaAs discretes).

I thought Infineon has its foundaries in Europe.

I'm sure they have many, but many of the bigger semi
houses have global footprints and are composed of the
bones of older pioneers). You'd have to dig deeper to
find where these particular components are fabricated
(or were). Perhaps it's as simple as somebody closing
down the last metal-can assembly line. But political
stuff can't be ruled out.

Contact the authorised distributor located in your circle. They can help you out. Its very tough finding the info related to infineon

It may be in the stock of the distributor if it's needed few pieces.

Anyway you need to look for an alternate device,if you need to use them regularly in future.
I need to know name of device which is closer in performance to this Infineon part,

Since CFY series from Infineon (GaAs device) is getting obsolete,
They have BFY series(Si devices) which they are claiming can operate up to X-band, I need to check some sample and find ,if its really so.

yeah I would REALLY scour the planet for "new old stock" and buy it up. much cheaper than a redesign.

if you have to redesign, the problem is the published characteristics really do NOT give much insight into how it will work as a quadrupler. you need a non-linear device, and everyone is trying to make MORE linear fets nowadays.

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