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Request for HV Pulser Circuit for Electric Fence.

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Sep 30, 2001
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electric fence schematic

Happy New Year to all,

I need to build a HV Pulser for Electric Fence use.
Anybody please help.

Thanks in advance.

electric fence circuit

use a line output transformer { tv lopt or a flyback or trippler driver}

and a small 555 oscillilator to drive it

i remember looking in the guts of one
and this is all it had

the eht comes from the top of the box
i am sure it was just a transformer with no trippler though as it had a 2.5 kv electrlytic @ 4mf cap also being driven by the coil and eht

and had a sticker said danger 2.5 kv on top

so it is saft too assume it has no trippler

you need an old style version from a ferguson or baird tv you will also be able to buy these from a tv supplier explaining what you need several sony and english tv sets lots of german grundig etc use this system so find a tv with a working stage find the diagram

wire it up and drive a cap

runs on 150V drive{ or around this} to get this you need to build a 12v too 240 v inverter and also limit the volts too 150 or just build a 150 v inverter


electric fence schematic into google
produced a few examples
h**p://w* how this guy did it
will be to supply a trippler with 117v ac from the psu

the output of the trippler was prob current limited to just a few tenths of an amp
or less

but the rest of his schematic is nice although each individual part is a unit in its self

electric fence circuit diagram

One thing to keep in mind when selecting the output voltage is the danger of setting dry grass on fire. The higher voltage units are banned in one area due to the forest fires started by them.

electric fence schematic diagram

esp if flatulent too near them

but a good point

so 2.5 kv is too high??

2.5kv will jump 1" or 2" or so in damp air

so i guess mount the hotwire a little higher

i think dry grass is good anyway

electric fence circuits

this is from w* ( a really cool web page btw).

enjoy :)


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