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Req:HV power supply design guide

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Mar 12, 2002
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dear friends,
i am going to design a HV power supply with following specs:
load regulation=5%
i am familiar with switching power supply design,but until now it is my first experience in HV power supplies.
i think flyback topology and UC384x is the best solution; my problem is about the transformer design and construction,also i think there is some problem in feedback circuit(resistor voltage devider),so i will be grateful if u could help me.
all of your comments,tips,app.notes and design guides will be appreciated.

thanx inadvance.

This PDF, i found in TI seminar online
**broken link removed** is about deisign of inductor and flyback, is a good review of subject.
an example

There are more interesting pdf in this link, you can see it changing the number, example **broken link removed**, betwen slup067 to slup129.

to generate high voltage i thiunk the normal flyback topology is not sufficeint as u will ned a huge number of winding in secondary

but as in TV horizentalor as in Spark ignition there's a good ways to generate those hiugh voltages

this way depends on resonance , wher the charged primary inductor in flyback transformer resonates with a capacitor between the collector and emitter of switching transistor those generating a peak voltage over primary windings which could be raised to the 6000 v with small turns ratiuo

i.e u can get about 1000 on primary by resonqance then step those 1000 to 6000 by 6:1 turns ratio

or u may connect the primary to the secondary at the collector so the primary current passes through higher inductance secondary generating higher voltage

this is my openion

also u should care about the isolation

also u may use voltage doubler

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