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req: how set the laser of a cd player

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May 3, 2001
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hi to everybody,
does someone have documentation on as to set the laser of a cd palyer?

My advice on this would be to use the manfacturers instructions. The power of the lazer is such that it is wise to set up a new lazer and not reajust an old one . You may by tweaking an old lazer get a beter result but my expereance has been that it is beter to replace one rather than tweak one, in the long term.


a lot of times are present some trimmers that allow to perform the setting of the power and the alignment of the laser

it depends on if you want too set the focus or if you want too adjust the asymith of the laser head {the part the lense sits in in the usual magnetic balance gimble cradle}

the balance is easy too adjust

you dont ever need too move this pot
so find where it was set to and put the pot back there

same goes for other pots in the player

you DONT ever "need" too adjust these

but too adjust the balance find the balance pot on the main board
place the neg of the meter too gnd rail
and the pos too the balance test pin

tun for 0.00 v not - or + but flashing neg and +

too adjust the azimuth of the lense
first take the whole head out and wash down with ipa {dry methyle alchohole }
use cig papers too drag clean the lense and internal optics by carefully moving the head off a bit and use tweezers
if a percistant lump of tar etc from smoke & oil from cooking and skin flakes hairs pubes etc ... particles of crap

leave too dry with some warm air
or on a radiator

dont forget most important
is too calibrate focus etc

one the unit has warmed up
this ensures it is perfect at many ranges of Temp

as for the other adjustment
these are for the slope of the focus

and the latency of the balance circuit

the rest is tuning

I usually clean only the lens and it almost always start over reading the CDs
At times however I/you/they are forced to set the trimmer of the power of the laser

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