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Reference designs of a DSP implemented on an FPGA

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Oct 8, 2001
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implement adc + fpga

Does anyone have any reference designs of a DSP implemented on an FPGA?

The kind of information I'm looking for involves schematics of interfacing various componenets, primarily ADC. Followed by how the HDL blocks come together to control the ADC obtain the data then pass that through to the actual DSP engine.

Has anyone done anything like this and would be willing to share their design as a reference?

- Jayson

adc dsp high

As of today there I feel there are no FPGAs (Actel, Xilinx,Altera make) which ADC and DAC embedded inside. One can only implement digital filers and arithmetic logics withou ADC and DACs. If atleast an analog comparator and and a DAC ( R-2R ladder network) is present inside an FPGA then Successive approximation or Delt-Sigma ADCs can be built inside the FPGA required for "analog to digital" and "digital to analog" domain conversion.



is there any othere technology to implement adc and dac on chip ie cuastom build chip


How can implement adc with FPGA?

My question is :

Can a FPGA based DSP outperform a dedicated DSP?

Sure, its nice since you can customise around it, but can it compare in performance?

I dont know, since I dont know either technology that well.... :?

As it usually happens in the real word... It depends on your application. For filtering, mapping, ffting :) etc, I'm sure that those new generation FPGA's (eg Stratix) can outperform any DSP chip in the market (eg TI beasts). See Altera and Xilinx sites, there is a lot of documentation about that (a little company biased but good enough to get the idea)
Comparision between ASIC DSP chips (Graychip and friends) and FPGA's is another world but FPGA's are winning more and more rounds.

i don't think that TI is the best DSP vendor, also Analog make very powerful DSP.For FPGA i think that you can think to implement some algoritmis if you need a speed of calculus that every DSP can made auterwaise i think that a DSP is better.

iF YOU USE LINEAR ALGORITHM, SUCH AS DIGITAL filter of FFT, FPGA more faster than DSP. But big FPGA more cost. For low speed applications DSP better in all cases. FPGA with ADC is fantastish - now no vendors for this product...


**broken link removed**
it have 16bits dsp model .. for your REf only


Quixote offers a superior architecture combining the most powerful DSP, Texas Instruments latest TMS320C6416 digital signal processor, with a large Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA, utilizing the best of both worlds to deliver incredible bandwidth and flexibility for very demanding applications.

**broken link removed**

I know that there are no FPGA's with internal ADCs. When I posted the following:

The kind of information I'm looking for involves schematics of interfacing various componenets, primarily ADC. Followed by how the HDL blocks come together to control the ADC obtain the data then pass that through to the actual DSP engine.

I meant by interfacing various componenets, primarily ADC is external ADC. Can someone now read my original post with the idea of "external ADC".

- Jayson

Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arra

Hi, you might want tot check out:

Meyer-Baese, " Uwe Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays"

Covers the lot.


He covers VHDL (FPGA based) only no hardware, he doesn't show how to obtain the data, put it in memory then work on it, he's more high level than that. Secondly, there are no schematics in his book that have a practical example. Let me correct that: there are no electrical schematics in his book period. He doesn't say how to interface ADC, control ADC then aquire data, etc.

What I'd like to see is given an (external) ADC how can you implement a digital low-pass filter, or a notch filter on the input signal. What parameters do you need to know? Is the ADC sampling rate for the data an important parameter. I'm interested in very low-level concepts no high level block diagrams of "systems".

- Jayson

hi all,
look at **broken link removed**

DSP with FPGA and mp3 decoder.


Hi all,
You can go to the Altera's homepage to find some related docments of DSP builder.
There have a good schematics that FPGA is how to interface with ADC/DAC under high-speed applications. And other infomations...

xilinx and altera is same

the function of dspbuilder is same to systemgen of xilinx when for dsp,but spend more resources

does anyone have a reference design or some information including hardware schematics of a sample DSP made using an FPGA --> external ADC, connected to FPGA, FPGA does some DSP (say filtering)?

- Jayson

Re: DSP with FPGA

Have a look at Altera's Stratix DSP development kits in their website.


You might want to check the date of the message that you are responding to. ;)

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