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Redhat Linux: Hang on Partition Check

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Jan 4, 2002
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Hi all,

I am going to install linux 8.0. There are two harddisks in my computer. When I boot to install CD1, the system hang when checking my secondv harddisk

"Partition check
hda1: hda1 hda2
hdb "

Can anyone help? How to disable checking hdb?


i have never tried it, but i'm pretty sure that you can skip hdb checking in linux installation scripts, or by passing params at the beggining of installation. check any >>linux installation how to<< manuals.

if it doesn't work, you can always disconnect that drive, assuming that you don't intend to install something on.

you can also boot from linux bootdisk and fsck the disk hoping it would repair it.

hope it helps


Hi tahiti,

I finally can install RH8 in the first harddisk with the second being disconnected(Both data cable and power supply are physically disconnected). It works fine and the new look is terrific. But when I plug-in my second harddisk and boot linux, the same error happen again, HANG at partition check of hdb. I have tried disabling my second harddisk in bios setup but not help at all, still HANG at partition check of hdb. I can only boot to linux with my second harddisk being physically disconnected. Anyone have experience in this??
1st HD : Maxtor 120G
2nd HD: Segate 80G


Hi mesfet!

1. Try to check disk with some utilite, as Norton Disk Doctor ...
Maybe you have some uncorrect structure on your Segate HD.

2. Try to connect second HD to the second IDE port. I had some problems with hd conflict on the same IDE.

I am fan of Slackware Linux and do not know what is going on RH, but
you can try to disable auto checking and look to that HD by linux's fdisk -
you will see if there are some crossing partitions there, and will get identifications number of partitions - maybe there are some incorrect system identificators. Also you can try to boot on rescue diskette and look to your Segate by fdisk from diskette.

73! klug.

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