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RedHat 7.2 installation problem

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Apr 29, 2001
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After Partition (and formating), and before actual Packages start to install, I get the follwoing error message:
"An error occured transferring the install image to your hard drive. You are probably out of disk space"....
What is happening ? There is enough partition & disk space !

Anybody who can help - will be appreciated much !

How many partitions there is?
Usually should be 3 and should be mounted so:
You need to specify the mount point for the partitions in the installation:
/dev/hda1 /boot Type Linux Native
/dev/hda2 / Type Linux Native
And Swap Type Linux Swap

This problem can be because the partition mount in / is too small.

You can look thant the partitions have the fs right, and use Linux native for the partition Linux and Linux Swap for the Swap

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Thanks, I have:
/dev/hda1 /boot type Linux native - size 100M
/dev/hda2 / type Linux native - size 25G !!!
swap - size 1G

Any other ideas ? - I have looked at Linux Users Group for hints - like: disable Anti-Virus in your Bios, & make sure disk jumper is NOT in the Cable-Select position.

Also scanned the disk - and it is perfect !
What else can be suggested ?

Thanks in advance.

The CD images are good? You can check it with MD5 Sums. Since any difference between two files results in two different strings, MD5's can be used to determine that the file or iso you downloaded is a bit-for-bit copy of the remote file or iso.

Intel Redhat 7.2 i386 disc1 or enigma-i386-disc1
MD5- cf7bce0c1cdbfedfae29e60aef202f6f

Intel Redhat 7.2 i386 disc2 or enigma-i386-disc2
MD5- fd705b3e5d0e37a828db35d21195a9f6

download a dos shell version here:
**broken link removed**

type the following:
md5sum the_name_of_the.iso

Once the program has run, and it will take a few minutes to run on a 640 megabyte file, a 32 digit md5sum will be generated. This sum should be exactly the same as the listed md5 sum for the specific iso you downloaded


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Thanks !
I will perform your proposal.
My only problem is that I have erased the ISO files. I guess I'll have to DL them again.
BTW I have used the same 2 CDs -some time ago- in another RH 7.2 installation (on a Pentium IV Intel MB based machine) with no problems whatsoever !

OK. It was indeed BAD CDs problem.
Got new download ISOs, checked them for good CRC, and burned. Setup now is flawless...Thanks !!!

However, immediately after reading the Boot record (initrd), and the Kernel (vmlinuz), and a message about "uncompressing ...", the boot process gets into an endless loop with the screen spewing out a sequence of doublewords hex numbers !!! (garbage).
This is also true for a Boot Floppy.

I have an ASUS MB, with Riva TNT GeForce MX video card....It is a Single Boot hard disk.

Does anybody have a clue ?

I don't like the RedHat vmlinuz default, I always recompile the kernel, with my favorite option, and with my hardware, so you kernel is cool for your machine. Sometime the default kernel not work cool with all the machines, try to compile your own kernel, you also can check if asus has any module for include in the kernel. If you decide compile the kernel, I can send you information about how do it.



Does anyone use Synopsys DC here in Linux? I would like to seek help on the installation.

On 2002-03-25 15:37, utmseng wrote:
Does anyone use Synopsys DC here in Linux? I would like to seek help on the installation.

i do use DC in linux. any problem with the installation ???

Where can d/l the dc on linux ?
Please pm me !

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