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[SOLVED] recorder device level solar radiation whit a solar cell

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Nov 14, 2012
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I have a project at my university whit microcontrollers ,i must doit on a BigPic5 whit an P18F8520 or EasyPic5 whit an PIC16F887
my project is to make a recorder device level solar radiation ... i have a solar cell that i take from a garden lamp :D and i want to connect it on analog input of one board (easypic or bigpic) and the solar radiation level captured in the solar cell will see the signal on glcd ,or solar radiation seen on glcd all fotons that hit the cell one by one or more ,appear on glcd like a small "dot" ... if enyone got and ideea on what code should write in microC to make this happen

(Ty all and sorry for my bad english)

If solar radiation is referred to x-rays, gamma-rays and beta-rays, then solar panel will not do. You will need a geiger counter.

ty for explains but i told my teacher ill make it whit a solar cell (because is no way i can find a geiger counter and its sound complicated) ,whit a solar cell because i want the light
(fotons)that hit the cell to be seen on glcd as i explain in 1st post ... anyway is a chanse to somehow do that i propose?

I heard that germanium made transistor is acting differently when exposed to radiation. Google on it. It should be much cheaper than solar cell approach.

yea,BUT i want to use a solar cell witch i alredy have form an garden lamp that charge the bateries from that cell...anyway i want that cell connect to easypic5 or bigpic5 at analog input to see electrical signal from that cell on glcd like dots ( where the light hit the cell in that spot on glcd coresponding to cell must apper a dot or many depend of light intensity the problem is i dont know what code should i write in micro see to make this work

In that case you are not measuring radiation but light intensity or how much light. You use your microcontroller to measure power coming out of solar cell. You measure voltage and current at run time. Then you use formulas (or google elsewhere) to calculate number of photons striking the surface are of your solar cell:
Formula examples see link below.
If still not clear (the link above) then google it or use your physics book.
Hope that helps
ty for help, now i must figure out what code should i write to make it work properly

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