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Rc Oscilator with Wien Bridge

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Jan 7, 2013
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Hi i got a homework to pass an exam. It says like this :" Create a RC Oscilator with Wien Bridge with oscilation freq. between 3-9 KHz, output load 100Ω, automatically controlling the oscillation amplitude achieved with JFET , oscillation amplitude output 10V. I need to use bipolar, JFET, βA723 transitors.
I managed to make some schmes but i got some replyes from friends that my homework is wrong .:-?
9-ca3366f670.jpgBlock scheme 10-17a448095f.png amp

I don't see the purpose of designing an OP, I don't hear about it in the problem specification.The oscillator can be either operated with a single transistor amplifier or a standard OP, I think. The requested amplitude control circuit is however yet missing in your design.
This is the full statement :
Design a RC Wien bridge oscillator with the following FEATURES:
***********Adjustable oscillation frequency [3 ÷ 9] [KHz];
********** Output load 300 [Ω];
***********Automatic control of the oscillation amplitude achieved with TEC-J;
Output oscillation amplitude [10] [V];

Powered circuit will have a reactive stabilizer and regulator element series.
NOTE: You can only use bipolar transistors and TEC-J, βA723.

I need some guides, maybe a small scheme to understand better if you can. I understood what you tryed to tell me that is without purpose....
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what is the reason you show us the stabilizer circuitry? Does it belong to your task?
Do you know what to do with the FET?

Isn't the uA723 circuit just a stabilized power supply, not related directly to oscillator operation? But I don't see that the problem description is asking for a power supply design.

... i though that is correct to design 1st the block circuit then the Op ampl. But i see that the amplitude control is missing so im stucked...

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to be real i dont know how to make my amplitude control with fet...

- - - Updated - - -

It's my 1st time when i have to do something like this... When i asked my teacher for some support he replyed to to get some documentation from google and make it without his help.

i did believe me i got like 1gb about wien bridge, but when comes about making that op amp design its so f....ed up.

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