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Questions about LCD display specifications

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Dec 12, 2005
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color LCD interface

Hi All

I am looking for small size (3.5") TFT panel, but the spec puzzles me.....

what's palletized/ non-palletized LCD disply?
what's the data format/ different between 'analog LCD' and 'digital LCD'?

Re: color LCD interface

hi, saw this post unanswered, so I'll give it a whirl :D

To be honest, I have no idea. With regard to 'analogue' and 'digital' things can get confusing. Mostly through the jargon the electronics retails spit out. As far as I'm aware, as far as the inner working of an LCD module (LCD glass plus controllers chip) is all digital. The pixels are turned on and off at variable rates to 'grey scale' the display.

That said. When we're talking TFT's (2" and larger) TFT are generally colour, and have a high refresh rate when compared to other LCD technologies (like STN) and so....are designed for video! Now, this is where I tihnk the 'analogue' bit comes in. How to we get video on the display? I tihnk some TFT modules have a 'video in' connection, which is inherently analogue in nature. Others may have some sort of digital connection (DUY something?? I read it somewhere :/ ). Its like this talk here in the UK of 'digital television'. Which can be misleading, because the signals sent are still analogue, carrying digital information, or an analogue signal :D

As for palletized....I don't really know. I can only assume its how we display information on the TFT using bits/bytes. Maybe sending blocks to control 8x8 pixels at a time? instead of controlling each pixel individually?

Anyway, hope this helps in some way...

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