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Question about Powerline communication circuit

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Jan 1, 2002
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power line communication circuit

I would like to communicate two computer using a 220V powerline. Where I could find schematics or information?

Thanks in advance. 8)

power line communication circuits

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power line communications schematics

Look at page 28 in this pdf file for schematic with RS232 interface:
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powerline communication circuit

Just a word of warning:

Connecting anything to the mains wiring is potentially very dangerous. The two main risks are shock hazard and fire hazard. Therefore, besides following the application notes, one has to take special care of the safety issues.

For instance, use fuses to limit an eventual fault current and use only proper capacitors, "X" capacitors are intended for circuits "between lines" and "Y" capacitors for line-to-something-else. Be also aware of capacitive leakage currents, which often limit how large the "Y capacitor can be.

Also use proper housing for the device. If the housing is metallic, in most cases it should be safety grounded. If it is non-metallic, it should be physically and electrically strong enough and not flammable. Be aware that certain isolation distances should be respected, and on surface of a PCB the distance is "creepage" distance, which has to be longer than it would be in free air. For example, if I remeber the rules right, the distance on PCB between mains and the user-touchable part of circuitry should be over 5 mm for class II (enforced/double isolated device).

Even a hobby design should be constructed with electrical safety standards in mind, exactly as it would be some day type approved.

Another story is that in most cases it is simply illegal to connect non-approved devices to the power network, and one can get nasty surprises with authorities and/or insurance company if something happens....
powerline application circuit

In the EC there are laws that set aside spectrum space on the power line just like through the air.

The book Powerline Communications by Klaus Dostert is a good source of information.
free circuit for power line communication

I'm interested to understand the theory and applications of trasfereng data via power line cables , can anyone give me some explaination or guide lines ?

power line comms circuits


There are nice and simple information sheets and application notes from below links. In fact they have some reference designs, which are really working nice and quite clear of any harmonics and noise. I would recommend to try it....

Powerline Comm

Specific Application Note for narrowband powerline communication:

If more info, you need pls let me know.

Best regards
powerl line communication schematic

hi!!! i am a new member here!!!
i would like construction information about the transformers that are used in powerline communication circuits.i want to construct by my self two of them.
please if you know something about please let me know....
step by step how to design(the ferrite core selection,the capacitors that are used,the inductors).
i have a circuit that produces a 25khz wave and i want it to pass from the 220v.
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