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Question about capabilities of a rechargeable battery

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Dec 30, 2010
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I have a RECHARGEABLE battery with the following specifications

MR650B ( 6V 5.0 AH)
Stand by 6.75-6.90V
Cycle use 7.20-7.50V
Initial Current less than 1.2A

1.Can this battery be recharged with the combination solar cell and use of some booster circuits.
2. What is the required voltage and current for recharging the battery??

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Needed answers are here.........................

**broken link removed**

Regards KAK
Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Of course you can use solar panel array for recharging this battery... the voltage required should a regulated 8V to 10V DC with 250mA to 500mA......
Re: Rechargaeble Battery

My suggestion is " That's a Li-Ion battery; you don't charge them from a constant voltage source ".
Lithium Ion batteries are extremely picky about charging. The heat and terminal voltage need to be monitored with a constant current charge, then the current is monitored with a constant voltae charge for a very short period, switch back to the current at a different level.
The batteries have "Charge Protection" built in, which is nothing like a charge controller. The protection is meant to kill the battery in a non-explosive way when charged improperly. A Couple notebook manufacturers bought into the marketing that the new Lithium packs had charging built in, so they skimped with their onboard charge control.
if i am not wrong you need something like this
**broken link removed**

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this can be used with some modification
Re: Rechargaeble Battery

**broken link removed**..
Sir, kindly go through this pdf and i need comments..
The exact voltage and current it can give......

And i really give all million thanks for the reply..Itz really really useful

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Do you know the exact type of your battery?
I'm not experienced with battery chargers but each type should be charged differently and as ckshivaram said Li-Ion batteries are very sensitive and need proper charging method.
There are also Li-Ion with protection and without protection, you should be more careful if there is no protection.

The Li-Ion charging is described here

And a couple of articles of rechargeable batteries

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

That's a Li-Ion battery; you don't charge them from a constant voltage source
The voltage specification suggests a 6V sealed lead-acid battery. In my opinion, the specification is sufficient to design a charger. It's important to notice th edifference between "Stand by" and "Cycle use". If the battery is connected permanently to the charger, the Stand by specification applies, otherwise the lifetime of the sealed battery would be shortened. A constant current/constant voltage as addressed by ckshivaram can be used.

You have been also asking for a booster circuit. I understand, that you want a solar cell output voltage below the battery voltage. That's possible of course with a boost converter. I assume, that the charger circuit will have a means to prevent battery discharge, e.g. a diode in the presented circuits.
to FvM Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Sir, How did you find that as lead acid battery ....

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Because the specified voltage levels are exactly correponding to the numbers that are printed on industry standard batteries. But if you have it, there should be also a hint to the battery type. Or are we in a guessing game?
Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Thank u sir..No we are not guessing names here..I was astonished... since u identified battery by just seeing the specification ....

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What do u mean by cycle use ??

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

cycle use is the term used when the battery is delivering the voltage to the load...... and standby is when the system is in idle state........

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"Cycle Use" - direct power source:
Cycle Use It can provide the power supply to power tools, and portable electronic products. It can also be used for cycling charging and discharging usage such as electronics motorbike or vacuum cleaner.
"Standby Use" - back up power:
Standby Use is mainly used for emergency power to avoid future damage that may be caused by a sudden power outage.
Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Krithiga ,

Please, give us more detail about how did you got that specifications.


Re: Rechargaeble Battery


My mam gave me the specifications ...I will confirm and tell you abt the battery(type) tommorrow...

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

The battery is lead acid battery .....can i get samples of charging circuits for this battery ?? ( 6V 5.0 AH )

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

.....can i get samples of charging circuits for this battery ?? ( 6V 5.0 AH )

Battery charger / conditioner kit K8012 from Velleman is suitable for charging and maintaining both open
and sealed type 6 volt or 12 volt lead-acid batteries.
Battery charging current can be selected between 0.3A or 1A.
The battery can be hooked-up to this charger unit for an indefinite time,
and the battery will be kept in optimal condition.
Battery type and charge current are selectable, while the charging process is fully automatic.

Manual & schematic here....................

**broken link removed**


Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Charger Circuit

slinky: 6v Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger (UC3906 based)

Google more.....

Regards KAK
Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Thanks alott kak111 ...Now the current needed for charging can be between 0.3 to 1A ?? Should that not exceed to 2A or more ??

Re: Rechargaeble Battery

...Now the current needed for charging

Here is info....................


ie. constant current charging 6Ah lead acid-------------------- 1.5A (...2.0A max)
until full capacity reached. ( full loaded )

Charge voltage should never go over given value 2.33V ( 2.4V) per cell.
New and fully discharged battery may need so. called initial charge cycle.
look table in my post 30-05-11 18:26

Short time higher values allowed ( used without constant current type charger )

This values is given for new ( ideal ) battery at temperature 20 degrees Celsius

Regards KAK
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Re: Rechargaeble Battery

Thanks alot kak111 ...All the links are useful .....I have read and i would like go on with L200......I need a software to simulate this ic....Which one will be the best ...??

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