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Q64 GSM/GPRS Pin out diagram

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Dec 6, 2009
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Hi, out there! Can anyone please help me with the a diagram/document, showing/explaining pin numbers of the 60 pin interface connector of the Q64 wireless CPU? of wavecom? I searched the web for such a thing in vain :(. I do not have the module on hand now, even though I think it is not marked as I see it on pictures. I wave just started designing and will order it later.

I would also need a diagram with dimensions if someone can provide. will help me draw silk screen on my board.

Thank you in advance,


Thank you AG-1 for your replay. I already have the document you show on the link. It does not show which is #1 pin on the 60 pins connector. But I have contacted some suppliers in china. One of them suggested to use the information from G64 module since it is pin compatible to the Q64. Thus I searched and found REALLY GOOD illustrations of the pin numbers of the 60 pin connector as it is used on the G64 module. The illustration is on page 29 (Figure No. 5.1-1) on the G64 integrator Manual show on this link:

Now I may only do a mistake if that information is incorrect. But the diagram show the information I was looking for, i.e. which pin is which number (where do I start counting? Is it zig-zag or one line first then the other?)

Again thank you, AG-1.

In this link you can see the differences between the two modules:

You can verify that both modules are almost identical physically.
The illustration on page 29 (Figure No. 5.1-1) on the G64 integrator Manual show the position of the pins 1,2,59 & 60. You can see that the numbering of the pin are zigzag. If you want to be more secure, you can check with an ohmmeter the connection between the GND pins (pins 2,4,6,8 & 10) and point "ground conection".
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