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Pspice parameters part help

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Sep 24, 2010
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I am trying to simulate a R_var and i tried to use "parameters" part. In the tutorials i've checked it is said that to click twice on the part will open a special window to assign and edit values but i only see property editor when i click it twice, could someone explain how i can use this part to simulate various values.

Okay i am here again with my own solution, this is the thing should've been done: change the value of the component that you want to be variable with something between "{}" this brackets, in my case i have an R8 i like to be variable and i set its value which was 1K to {RESVAL}, then put a PARAM part and double click on it you will see property editor. in the property editor click New Row/Column and write the something you've written for your value in my case it is RESVAL and in the value part put a value that will be used when you are not doing parametric sweep i put it as 1K that was my old value. After you made your assignments it is simulation time; go to simulation profiles and choose Parametric Sweep and choose Global Parameters. Write your parameter name, in my case it is still RESVAL, and set values for start, end and increment. If you want to make it for discrete values you can assign values as list in the option Value list. I hope I am clear for everyone, if there is something unclear please ask for it.

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