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proximity card reader

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Jun 18, 2002
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proximity card reader schematic

is anyone know how to design a proximity reader without expensive ic or device. please advice. thanks.


samples proximity card readers

Because these devices work by mutual inductance, it is always necessary to provide electronic gain. There are several choices. One is to use the grid dip meter method with tuned circuits on the card. The patent has expired on this method and is now free for anyone to use. Another way is to power the card over the inductive coupling and have it transmit back a signal on another loop. The third way is probably patented. It varies the load on the pick up coil which is sensed in the reader coil.

125 khz proximity card reader schematic

I have used a TEMIC Ic Reader. I have schematics and PCB in Protel format. If you want please PM.

proximity reader schematics

Try to see the following chip:

RI-R6C-001A-01 (S6700 Multi-Protocol Transceiver IC)
This is a single chip supplied by texas.

The S6700 Multi Protocol Transceiver IC enables a broad range of 13.56MHz RFID interrogator designs.
This low power consumption device supports portable and fixed reader designs that have tight footprint constraints.
The IC minimizes onboard power requirements and reduces parts count in a final reader product.
With the addition of a micro-processor, crystal, and a few passive components a full functioning reader can be easily developed.
The device supports multiple RF air interfaces as Tag-it, ISO15693-2 and ISO 14443 (Type A) and opens with the direct mode where data can be passed directly through to a transponder further options.

Any sugestion for an european distribuitor (S6700 chip, or similar)?

proxy card reader schematic

One possible solution would be to use the Dallas TINI devices. The website is
**broken link removed** I believe


card reader pickup coil

**broken link removed**

Do you think that would work for what you want ?

proximity card

The best book on this subject is

RFID Handbook
Klaus Finkenzeller
J. Wiley

It is available used and new. In the next few months a second edition may come out. This book is scientifically based with many equations and graphs. All of the other books I have seen are written at the Popular Electronics hobby magazine level with pretty pictures and no science or engineering content.

If you are willing to have a complex reader, the old Schlage (now Westinghouse Security Electronics) analog card had several tuned LC circuits with printed inductors. The reader was very much like a grid dip meter and read the frequency of the tuned circuits. Each card had a different combination of frequencies.

proximity reader circuit


Anybody can advise where can developers obtain samples for RI-R6C-001A-01 (S6700 Multi-Protocol Transceiver IC) and subsequently purchase them?

TI recently closed down their online store and it is not supported by general TI distri.

proximity card cheapest

krag said:
Anybody can advise where can developers obtain samples for RI-R6C-001A-01 (S6700 Multi-Protocol Transceiver IC) and subsequently purchase them?

Hi Krag,
You can get them at

Anyone knows where I can get the antenna that fits?
Should be able to detect at 50cm distance, with little output power, and the antenna shouldn't be bigger than 5 * 10 cm.


proximity card format

SONMicro ( offer the world's cheapest 125KHZ RFID Reader/Writer design.They give all information and schematic free and sell only the FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE programmed PSoC chip.

PSoC (Programmable Syetem on Chip) techology comes with Cypress Microsystems (

Because there are few external components and most building blocks are inside the chip , this is the most cost effective design for now.

transponder reader schematic


please, send me the circuit, where did u get the components? thanks.

tiris type card reader

joebazoka said:
I have used a TEMIC Ic Reader. I have schematics and PCB in P*otel format. If you want please PM.

Por favor me podrias enviar el alchivo del PCB que tienes con TEMIC en formato Protel y si tubieras informacion de como decodificar los transponders.

mi correo es:


grid dip meter pcb

i hope it is the sample for u!!
proximity card reader schematic proximity

i want more information on card reader and if possible full project

proximity card reader project


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