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Protect Pic Software and Max232 Combining

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May 31, 2002
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max232 pic schematic

Dear Sirs,
I would like to build a project for my pc with a member of pic series.But i dont know how to protect its software? Is there a way to protect it from copying? For example a fuse? By the way i'd like to ask if i can change some datas in Pic16f84 while running? I'd like to use ComPort.Is there a sample schematic, project or like this? Well if i use ComPort for communicating, should i use Max232 ic? What it is using for? Whats its job? Best Regards.

program for max232


Yes, you can protect your program with a fuse.
Again yes, you can change data in the PIC internal RAM or EPROM.

Is the "ComPort" the winsoft component?
If yes, congratulations! It is very easy to use.

Forget the PIC 16F84. Use 16F628 instead, it is better than 16F84.

You need to put the max232 to convert the RS232 levels to TTL levels at the PIC inputs.
It works fine, I never hear anyone talking about problem using it.

I can send a sample schematic for you.
Let me know more about your project to help better.

Best Regards.

max232+pic +schematic

ljmnunes, post and share your schematics + code with us here

I do wonder if i wanna connect PIC and display reading from lcd to computer, do i need to write VB program for it?

KKramer2000 said:
I do wonder if i wanna connect PIC and display reading from lcd to computer, do i need to write VB program for it?

You are not sticked to VB but eventually you do need to write a software for it. The simplest serial communication software can be wirtten with Delphi(You need TComport module) or with Visual Basic.(You need Mscomm module)

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