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programming at89s51 in rs232

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Aug 2, 2005
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rs232 at89s51 programer

I am needing a programmer to atmel at89s51 in serial rs232, I made the AVR910 but
in AvrProg doesn´t have suport to at89s51, any idea?


programmer port serial rs232 at89s51

look here:
**broken link removed**

at89s51 programming

Hi this
**broken link removed**

led flasher with at89s51

hi nandhu015, the the programmer you told me doesn´t suport at89s51

in this site have some programmer but all is Parallel Port or serial RS232 but in parallel mode and I need a ISP (In-System Programming) mode, I try it **broken link removed**
but doesn´t work

I made avr910 work well to AT89s8252 but doesn´t suport at89s51

please if some one know a a place where can I get a programmer to at89s51 rs232 ISP mode, please tell me

at89c51 isp rs232

Hi aldevan

**broken link removed**

worked well for me

if you have any problem, i will help you


isp programming in at89s51 using rs232

hi nandhu015, thanks for reply, I made it but can´t work, is communication with PC but doesn´t work to programmer atmel at89s51, I monitor with oscilloscope the pins sck, mosi, miso, rst and this pins flash only when one time when a plug in the programmer in 5V, after this a click in RUN button but nothing happy, only the Led in pin 15 flash, but all others pin nothing, I have 5 at89c2051 and doesn´t
please if you have other idea tell me



Hi aldevan

This seems that there is no communication with pc and 2051.

Most of the times (which i do) the problem will be with cable and connectors or with ports. I usually mesh up with pins of d connector. Please check this.

awaiting for reply


can rs232 work for in system programming

you can use atmel ISP Writter

at89s51 rs232

Hi nandhu015
please if you do do this programmer upload all its data SCH,PCB,Tell us the baude
rate ...ets what about aldevan who said that
"hi nandhu015, thanks for reply, I made it but can´t work"

at89s51 in system programming

Hi Medtronic

Pls give me your results. what you got when programming?

Or what type of error you are getting?

This will help me to guide you properly?


rs232 isp

Hi nandhu015
i didn't make this programmer yet ,i need to be sure if it worked or not and then i'll
start to make


programmer at89s51 rs232

hi Medtronic, it worked to mee too, my problem was in converter ttl to rs232 level, I put a maxim max232 and worked well, This programmer work in 57600 bps

rs232 programming 8052

Thanks aldevan too much
i will Start to build one soon and feedback you


i saw the circuit in . they have given the firmware for 89c2051 which is 5.08kb. but flash memory size of 89c2051 is only 4 kb . how can i burn the firmware into it. please reply it urgent iam making a programmer fo 89s51 through rs 232

balaganesh said:
but flash memory size of 89c2051 is only 4 kb .

The flash is only 2Kb and not 4Kb. The hex file size will be higher from the original bytes used as the address and CRC is included


hi nandu . i cant understand ur answer . i am going to use universal pgmer kit (in my college )to burn the firmware(5.08K) in 89c2051 . whether there will be any problem while burning ?

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