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Problems with IE3D simulation

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Oct 31, 2004
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Hello Everybody:

I'm trying to simualte an antipodal Vivaldi antenna on IE3D but I don't know how to do it.

I would like to import both faces from two different dxf files, so inferior.dxf goes under the substrate, then the subtrate and the superior.dxf. I'm tryng to simulate a finite substrate big enough to hold both metal layers and aprox. 1.5 mm thick. Metal layers are suppose to be 35um thick.

Could somebody please tellme how to do it or where may I find the information?

I'm going to upload the dxf files just in case there is some problem. I do really prefer someone tells what I should do (how do I configure layers, how do I should work with the ground layer, I know I should remove it but I don't know how to do it, how do I define air boxes at both sides of the subtrate etc.) than someone do the model for me.

It would be fine if somebody tells me where in the manual this things are explained as I cannot find them. If somebody knows any tutorial on this kind of thing it will be very welcome as well,

Any help is welcome. I'm used to work with HFSS and CST but I have never worked with 2.5D software and it is being a true pain in the ass!

Thanks A lot!

In Mgrid From Param and Basic Parameters you create the substrate with all the parameters you want.

Hi, Bugpa:

Please note the following fact for using IE3D for an antipodal Vivaldi antenna. If you model it as infinite substrate, you should be able to get resaonable s-parameters. However, the pattern may not be good because the main beam is in the infinite substrate direction. IE3D has full-3D modeling for finite substrates. However, the finite substrate for Vivaldi antenna is very big. If you do it, it may take a long time and much RAM. We do suggest users to use FIDELITY simulator for such structures. Different schemes and simulators have their own advantages on designing different things. IE3D is excellent for many structures, but not all. Thanks!

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