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Problem with downloading VHDL code on FPGA using Xilinx 8.2 and Spartan3E board

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Jul 6, 2007
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hello everybody......

i am tring to download the VHDL code on FPGA, but i am facing some problems. i am using xilinx 8.2 evaluation version and spartan3e sample pack board and device is XC3S100E tq 144. i am using sample program given with the sample board that is led counter. my process flow is this....

check syntax-> synthesize -> assign pin(ucf) -> translate(ngd) -> mapping(ncd) -> place and route -> generate programing file(bit file) -> configure impact -> boundry scan mode -> add xilinx device -> program

but it was giving error related to the device id unmatch, then i forced output file by right clicking on the boundry scan mode in impact window.this error is removed.
according to it leds would be my program only one input that is can i give clk input to the device one pin is connected to the crystal osscilator that is bult on chip. i connected this pin to the clk input.....
but my program is not working.

i dont understand what is the problem and i am tring to do this for 3-4 days.

plz help me if anybody can.....

many many thanks in advance

amit gangwar

Downloading on FPGA

can you try to run some demo propram on your board to make sure your board is working???

Also scope the clock pin make sure there clock comming in, check the power pins make sure you have power and power is clean

Re: Downloading on FPGA

thanks for response.....

but can you tell me how can i check that clk is coming or not.????

thanks in advance
amit gangwar

Downloading on FPGA

iMPACT can be confusing to a new user.

Which board do you have?
What type of download cable are you using?

If the board powers-up running the built-in demo, then the clock is probably fine.

You shouldn't have to "add xilinx device". When iMPACT starts, select "create a new project" and then "configure devices using boundary-scan (JTAG)". iMPACT should automatically connect to your board, detect all the JTAG devices, and show you a diagram of the JTAG chain. It should ask you to assign your configuration file(s) to the device(s) that you want to program (or click "bypass" if you don't want to program some of them).

If you see "device ID mismatch", then the download probably failed. Clicking something to make the error message disappear probably didn't help. iMPACT should tell you the ID value it expected and the value it got. What were those values?

What happens in iMPACT when you click Debug -> Chain Integrity Test?

Downloading on FPGA

i think there are more than 1 device on jtag chain. and you manually add only one device via .bit file. that's why jtag shifts out different id and results error. simply, right click, select "initialize jtag". 3 devices will be found. right click on the fpga and assign programming file

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