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Problem of soft with raspberry

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Dec 17, 2012
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Hello , I have a Raspberry Pi v2, the model with 512 Mb, my project is to make an embedded computer for my car, however the software which I would like to use " centrafuse " works that on Windows, that then I to make to put on it? I had thought of the program WINE which is as a machine virtual to deceive the software, or then I know not so a version of Windows is compatible with ARM. thank you

sorry for my english :lol:

According to this URL their software is available in ARM and Linux variants. You would
need a version compiled for Linux targetted for ARM. Whether that exists or not, I've no idea (you'd need to ask Centrafuse).
A Windows version is not possible to run on ARM (WINE will not work). As far as I know, WINE will not emulate an x86 or x64 processor.

I have no idea bout that, I have new laptop is that Linux videos suitable for that???????????

I heard spoken linux maverick, it is a downgrade version of ubuntu not? that it is possible to put on centrafuse above, after I don't saw confirmation of the source

The Rasp-pi runs Linux compiled for ARM. The centrafuse software also needs to be Linux based, compiled for ARM.
Rasp-pi cannot run Linux for x86. If the centrafuse software is not available in Linux for ARM format, then it is impossible to get it to
run on the Rasp-pi.
You'd need to ask the centrafuse software vendor if they sell a version targetted for Linux on ARM. Changing Linux version on
Rasp-pi will make no difference. You can't change the ARM processor (it is soldered on the board), therefore you can only run
Linux for ARM.
thank you for the information, I'll ask directly Centrafuse and I will give you its answer

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