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problem in simulation- schematic opens in design type only

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Aug 31, 2009
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orcad parametric sweep not available

hello sir,
i am a beginner to learn circuit simulation.i am using orcad release 9.10.Every time i make a project, perform simulation but after some time when i want to open my simulated circuit,there schematic opens in the design type only. As simulated circuits are Project type bt i am not getting why it does not shows the pspice type?
I also want to ask that for simulation, we can only use the components available in the Pspice library,as they are not sufficient for my circuits?

problem in simulation


You should know much more things in OrCAD and PSpice. The current version is 16.X

In india CADD Centre take care of those things.

Otherwise Cadence provide such a trainning.


Re: problem in simulation

actually i have full vrsion of orcad release 9.10 available. i have been using it for many time.But i was using it for the purpose of pcb designing only.I know how to design pcb in this version, but i also want to do pspice simulation.i just want to ask you that where should i send my queries related to circuit simulation in orcad release 9.10.i will be very thankful to you if you will give me some references.

problem in simulation

Hi preetikarki,

You should know one thing.
OrCAD aquired by Cadence on 1995.

Now OrCAD company is not there.

But due to the popularity of the brand name only that is breathing till now.

In OrCAD 9 you have layout/ layout plus/ layout engg for PCB design.

But this tool have much more bugs and killed by Cadence PCB Editor.

PCB Editor is a class tool for PCB design with multilayer.

Bias Point Analysis:DC Voltage monitoring

Transient Analysis: Time domain response

AC Sweep Analysis:Frequency domain response

DC Sweep Analysis: Voltage variation in design due to DC source voltage variation

Parametric sweep Analysis:Multi run Analysis for source and component parameters

Temperature Sweep Analysis:Temperature effect on design.

Monte Carlo Worst case Analysis:Tolerance effect on design.

Good luck.

Re: problem in simulation- schematic opens in design type on

Hi preetikarki

Can you help me ,To download full version of Orcad pspice.I saw your post ,you had full version of Orcad.I need desperately to execute my final circuit.I design my project in small parts,When am I combing ,I had problem with limited version.

Your help will be really appreciated.

Ratna Kumar

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