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Power Supply 3000 Volt and 4 mA

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Dec 7, 2001
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lm3578 flyback

I need to build a power supply with this characteristics :

3000 Volt Max with digital voltage regulator
4,5 mA

can anybody send me any link, ebook to design a High voltage power supply ?

Also a website to buy material for Hi voltage....


12 volt 3000 ma power supply

220 AC 50Hz

how to make a 3000 volt

For 220v 50Hz, it simple.
You must make a transformer from 220Vac to 3000Vac, then
must rectify with full or half bridge. Be carefully with reverse voltage of diodes, you will must put more than one diode in series to protect against reverse voltage.

e for voltage regulator , what can I use ? (from 0V to 3000V)

Ohh, it's more complex.

You can make a transformer from 220Vac to 12V, arround 4 or 5 Amp or more.

Then, you can make a flyback switching power supply, using a regulator like LM3578.

You must calculate the switching transformer, see or powerint to how to make the switching transformer, the power you need is 3000V x 4mA = 12W.

See the LM3578 application notes on, and look how to make a flyback DC-DC converter.

Then, after that, you can put a digital potentiometer on the feedback network of LM3578 and you will can regulate from 0 to 3000V.

Hope it helps.

but LM3578 can not regulate 3000 Volt ... max output regulator is 40V... :cry:

This is why you need to do a flyback configuration, the transformer to the conversion.
The LM3578 don't need to handle the 3000v directly !!!!!!


You could alway use a HV power supply from Emco.

The H-serie controlled by a digital pot should fit.
**broken link removed**

It has a 24Vdc input supply, so it is not directly 220
It is a fast and easy solution, but expensive...

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