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Power Line Communication

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Jan 13, 2003
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future of power line communication

I wonder if anyone has been working on this technology. I would like to hear from you. I have specific requests to make.


power line communication distance

Don't be shy. Post your questions here so all of us can read and maybe help you.
have a book on the subject

I have a book on the subject. What is your question?

There are standards being made in Europe so that various functions will not conflict.

what's your opinion for this technology's future? I think it does not have much advantage's comparing with xdsl and the new emerge short distance wireless acess technology such as wlan/bluthooth/zibbee.

it will mostly be for power devices

It looks like it is mostly for remote control and monitoring of things plugged into the power line. It has good social benefits, such as being able to turn heavy loads off during peak demand periods on the utilities.

As far as displacing wireless data computer type links, it does not stand a chance. For one, it requires the units to be plugged into the wall outlet.

There was a US company which has not been funded that did analog modulation television signals over the house wiring. The advantage of their using VHF signal range was that the attenuation of the house wiring was so high that the multipath ghosting was very low level.

Check this That is all I have.
hi all,
Power line modem collection.
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Hispeed Power Line Data Transfer

Please check Site
There is a detail information. :roll:

Does anyone have the homeplug specification ?
For more detail information , refer to
**broken link removed**

You can use the ST solution for Power Line Modem. There are a more powerfull solution for high rates communication from nSine:

variety of methods

As you can see there are a variety of competing methods that are not compatible and in many cases cannot exist on the same wiring because of overlaping frequencies.

In general, the European system is the result of university research and is very close to optimum. The various US systems were designed on an adhoc basis by intuition and are suboptimal. Many have been around for years with very few units in use by customers.

I have been involved with this for a number of years if anyone needs help.

Here are my requirements....


Encouraged by your kind words, I dare present my question to you. I want to work on powerline communication technology. I know it can't compete with xDSL but is it not true that it can be deployed profitably in rural areas? Secondly, there is still a great potential to be explored in AMR and other such services. I specifically want to create a prototype and want to know if anyone of you can guide me in this narrowband implementation?

Tks in advance

I think homeplug related products will have great market especially in the developing country for the available powerlines, however the problem such as transfer loss and data safety are still the critical point.

Re: have a book on the subject

flatulent said:
I have a book on the subject. What is your question?

There are standards being made in Europe so that various functions will not conflict.

can i know the name of book?

In the states it is called "BPL" and we over the air users have made sure it won't be deployed without protecting the HF spectrum from pollution. The power companies claimed "notch filters"would work. They didn't.

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