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Power levels for 868 MHz ISM band - in which EN ETSI spec?

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Jun 5, 2002
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868 mhz ism


Does anybody know in which EN or ETSI spec the different power levels, channel bandwidth etc. are specified for a device in the 868 MHz ISM band?

I have ETSI 300220-1 and 300220-2 here, but that specifies only other limits and testing for that devices, not the power levels in the 868 MHz area.


ism 868

I may be completely wrong but isn't that set by the radio regulators in individual countrys?

868 mhz band


I can't imagine that each country (within the EU) could set individual power levels... that would render a common market useless for that type of devices. Non-EU countries have different regulations of course.

I have found the allowed power levels here:

But there is no reference in which standard this is specified.


868 mhz ism band

This appears to be the statutory instrument which permits use of 865MHz-868MHz in the UK

I think that the ETSI standards have no legal standing unless the radio regulator in a country specfically authorises license exempt operation in acordance with a standard and they are free to set other limits.

**broken link removed** talks about the decision to allow use of 865MHz to 868MHz on the basis of a CEPT recommendation rarther than some European wide body imposing it.

ETSI 300 328 and ETSI 302 208 mentioned.

OFCOM's website is terrible. That are supposed to regulate communicaton but they are too incompetent to even run a website.

In the case of PMR446 license-exempt walkie talkies I believe that a couple of the channels that are allowed in the UK are not legal to use in France.

Added after 1 hours 2 minutes:

here is the statutory instrument covering short range devices in parts of 868-870MHz with power levels. It specfies maximum channel width but does not set center frequencys.

There may be an older one covering 869.6-868.7 and 869.2-869.3MHZ

868 ism band


Thanks for the links and the references! The refs you provided refer to RFID equipment in the range 865 to 868 MHz, not to the ISM 868 band I mentioned, ETSI 300 328 refers to ISM, but in the 2.4 GHz range.

I have now found power levels in ERC 70-03 annex 1 for non-specific short range devices.
The original specs can be found in ERC/DEC/(01)04. Annex 1 lists the power levels. If anyone needs them I can upload the document here.


ism band 868

I think you missed thepart I added to my post around the time you wrote your reply.

Thje UK law seems to be more restrictive on channel width than the ERC recommendation.
The wireless teleegraphy act is the law in the uk. The rec recommendation is just a recommendation.

868mhz ism

One big difference between EU countries are the exact frequencies allowed. ETSI tries to standardize, but like you said, England and especially France have their own ideas. You often have to disable some frequency channels in radios used in France, for instance.

ism band 868mhz

throwaway18 said:
I think you missed thepart I added to my post around the time you wrote your reply.

Yes, I did :) Yesterday evening the edaboard was defunct for a while, and I didn't do a refresh. I already saw the addition, thanks!


Added after 3 minutes:

biff44 said:
You often have to disable some frequency channels in radios used in France, for instance.

Yes, and for certain EU standards the national regulations that withstand the new regulations has to be withdrawn up to a certain date. But this is a long lasting process. Germany may be faster in that process, France may be slower. If countries are too slow they will be punished.


Added after 3 minutes:

For those who are interested: the referred document with the power levels and duty cycles in the ISM 868 MHz band can be found here:

**broken link removed**


etsi 868


I read in document **broken link removed** that max. power for 868MHz band is 500mW, but ETSI EN 302 208-1 is for RFID in theband 865 MHz to 868 MHz with power levels up to 2 W.
So what is the max. allowed power?

868 mhz duty cycle

Hi Vfurlan

The band 865-868 MHz is segmented for general SRD's depending on its use. It ranges from 10mW to 500mW but with specific duty cycles and possible additional limitations on LBT (listen-before-transmit) protocols. You need absolutely to refer to CEPT rec. 70-03 annex 1 for general SRD's to find out the limitations in a certain segment of 865-868 MHz. For example the 500mW band is small and has a serious limitation on duty cycle.

As you say there is additionally the possibility to use the band for UHF RFID with up to 2W.

Additionally you can even do spreadspectrum over a wider area even.
It's all in rec.70-03 downloadable at



For 868-868.6MHz band

ETSI EN 300 220-1 V.2.3.1 (2010-02)

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