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power consumption question, pls help me !!!

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Sep 26, 2004
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Hi all,

I have to simulate a circuit for specific inputs. I want to have some results for power consumption depending on input.
Matlab environment would help me to manipulate the data very easy.
Is it easy to create a power model for a specific circuit in MATLAB?
I have some experience in Synopsys tools for power measurements, but I do not know how could automate this process for different inputs. The basic problem is that I have to test this circuit for thousants of inputs and for every input to have the power results. So I believe that this process could be very easy if I made I model for a specific circuit in MATLAB.

I would like to have your usefull suggestions for that type simulation processes.

Many thanks

spice file should help you easily. Since you indicate 1000s of patterns, the simulation time would be pretty high but you should be able to get the results using spice simulation.


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Yes, I agree with carv. Spice file should give you the clear picture. If you have some prior experience with hspice(from synopsys), you can easily use it to find the power for 100's of patterns for the same circuit.

If you're talking analog I agree with whats been said, if digital, then you should run your simulation and dump out a VCD file and read it into a power analysis tool.

More details are needed to answer your question. If it is digital logic, first map it to a library + run a long simulation to dump a VCD file. The resulitng netlist plus VCD file is fed into synopsys to get power consumption numbers.

If it is a library component or cell (with only a few inputs and possibly one output) then spice is a good option. If you need thousands of runs, perl like or shellscript automation of testbench is warranted.

Hi all,
could you please rajesh9999 teach me this technique. I don't kow it.
Any doc/material is welcomed.

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