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Please recommend a HMI software

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Mar 27, 2001
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delphi hmi


I’m looking for a HMI software in order to interface some custom made devices(RS485, modbus RTU protocol). So far I’ve tried citect but I don’t find it very attractive.
Any other suggestions?

ifix dongle emulator

Thanks. I'm downloading right now.
Do you know a free OPC server which support modbus. Also a cracked one would be very useful :) BTW for testing proposes I've cracked the modbus pool from Wittecom. If anyone interested I'll upload it to the forum.

citect emulation dongle

I get a CD from with OPC servers for different producers. Unfortunatelly the software is free only for 2 hours. If you think that you can use (cr@ck) something from that site, I can upload what you need.

run wizcon without dongle

I found that matrikon( offer a modbus OPC server free for non comercial use. Those days I've tested a few OPC servers and I found that matrikon it's the most flexible(for example tags can be configured using a XML file). Too bad that comercial license it's so expensive :(

soft modbuspool

you can try iFix

hmi software compare

wxw.Citect.c0m - standard SCADA software (also OPC) - SCADA VCL Components for Borland Delphi 6

prodave s5

Someone know how to emulate the dongle key for Hmi iFix Scada?

lib hmi delphi

There are many scada's softs.
As a scada and plc programmer, i use Factorylink, Wizcon, WinCC, Intouch, Citect and intellutions Fix32 and iFix.

I truly can say that iFix rulez, it's the best scada soft ever.
As for licenses, it's dongle protected (sentinel type)
:?: For the older Fix32 v.7.0 : sentinel C plus type (older type of dongle), i used a dongle emu like WKPE (only W9X) or WVDOG (W9X and NT4, NOT W2000/XP :( )
I rescently got the newer iFix 3.0, the latest version. This use a smaller type of dongle, i think the supersentinel type, there are a lot of toolz for this one, but i can't find one that works. I would like a dongle reading out tool and then emulating it completly with a device driver under W2000.
Which emulator do you use "lad" ?
Do you have a dongle for iFix 3.0 ?
there are some toolz for supersentinel shell removers, if you have the key and this tool, it can remove the whole protection from a protected EXE file, i don't know if it works, don't have a supersentinel key, so...

Monty 8)

matrikon dongle emulator


I need a web enabled HMI ,what is your comments?

Is w*w.induso* a good one for this?


citect dongle emulatr

where can i find those tools ?

i tried WKPE with fix32 7.0 & a unlimited version of dongle, but it did'n worked.

wincc flixibel

i try HMI with Delphi with some Comp IOCOMP and other HMI Comp
the power of Delphi Compiler and can run program in windows or Linux (using Kylix)

you can find thousand of comp with av. for delphi then you can develop your application

intellution fix32 scada/hmi software

i have one qustion :

i do 5 year delphi programmer,many comp for industrial control and hmi is now av. (HMI,OPC and ....)

what power of tools comapre delphi

i think delphi is powerfull of it and more flixible

delphi hmi


Is delphi with components like as IOCOMP and many others are a suitable choice for developing HMI softwares?

Delphi is a programming language with high ability and powerful components .

Well known companies like as ABB,Foxboro,Fisher Rosemount ,....have HMI .How they develop their HMI? with programming languages like as
delphi? or with softwares like as iFIX,indusoft,citect,.......?

What about developing time and cost ?


try hmi

To monty_burns_007

As I get from your replies,you do not have new and complete information
about delphi (especially version 7)or c++ builder.
You can place shapes on form and set more than 40 properties for it resize them and group some objects in several seconds!
you can use this for your application in here or other applications .This is impossible or very difficult task in VB or VC .
these are a small portion of capabilities that delphi or his c brother c++builder that can give you.

There are many HMI components that you can use in delphi like as IOCOMP
you can use them or your own or modify them for your custom use.

I thinks HMI softwares are for whom that are not pc programmer and want to develop a fast small or medium size HMI with no future support.

If there was a bug in HMI that you developed with this softwares then you can only reply the bug to original company and wait for update version for several months but if you have your own code you can modify it very fast.

I like to have a software that I master to more details and use it for several years and I can remove the bug fast(for critical industerial projects software reliability and maitainability is a major problem) ,the base is stable and convertion to new technologies can be done fast when I have my own code.

I am glad to see your opinions on these topic! :D

fix32 intellution dongle crack

monty_burns_007 said:
Hi Suiram,

I think delphi sucks in HMI, too much devellopment time, VB is better and the know SCADA soft are even better. ex. a simple problem, in scada soft you draw everything with objects like rectangles, oval, line, circle,...
You can then group these objects to one object which can then be grouped or manipulated .....

i think monty_burns_007 have not good nformation about delphi
you can compare delphi(or c++ builder) with vb and vc in latst in this site

the delphi in compare vb vc have :

1.ultra powerfull open source library (delphi have 700,000 function and over 150 comp )

2. have thousand low cost comp with source and over ten thusand comp free with source !

3. very powerfull visual and UML and graphic programming the very powerfull of vb or vc

in last i compare some HMI software with delphi i sure al ability of hmi software is one partial of delphi if you know delphi RAD (Rapid Application Development)

wkpe emulator

I think monty_burns_007 is right. Delhi certainly have has his capabilities (I have some app developed with it) but once application is compiled it's not so easy to add a second tank for example and to draw some pipes. SCADA packages give more advantages from operator perspective. He can learn the software and make his modifications for his applications(he generally knows better the process).
Here is the _mbpool from _wittecom

hmi software free

I also have _automated _solutions modbus and modbus TCP/IP OPC sevrvers and the activex counterparts.
I am evaluating citect, what about iFix where can I get it(even an older version)?

hmi comps

Hi suiram & monty_burns_007
Hi all
I want to get a reasonable result for HMI.

please every one that have experience with SCADA and HMI place his/her comment here.

I do not know or at least I hesitate to select delphi/c++ builder as a platform for HMI development or use HMI softwares like as iFIX.

Delphi is more visual than any other language like as VB ,VC and there are many components as free or commercially available for HMI.

RTTI(run time type information) structure in delphi and VCLs(visual component library) do the same as scada /hmi softares.

the delphi is a language and have many features that you can not find at any HMI software.

In graphical design time ,delphi developing time is equal to HMI software
developing time

Please share your idea about this and discuss on it.
I like to get a scientific result .
Best Regards

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