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Framework/Software/Language to create texts based upon user input words?

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Dec 6, 2013
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I want to be able to write a script(or something) that would accept a short text or a number of words as input and then use those words to create a larger text, so that the resulting text depends on what words where given as input.

But I have no idea of any software or language that would be suitable for such a thing.

An example usage might be a script/program that I can use(once written) to easily input a a short subject description and a body of text etc. as input and then get the text for a HTML page as output that is based upon the basic template that I use for all my web pages.
In order to make it easier and quicker to create new pages for a website.

I have some vague memory of stumbling across some framework or something that could be used for such a thing but I cannot recall what is was called and I have failed in coming up with search-terms to yield any results.

Do anyone have any knowledge, idea or tip about what I could utilize in order to create such a script/software/system/coconut?


If you're lucky someone made a script and posted it on the internet. The language might be AppleScript (for Macs), Powershell (Windows). Some web browsers have a scripting options (Firefox).

Be aware scripts developed on a particular OS might not work on another OS earlier or recent. You must adapt it to your own purposes.

And check whether a downloaded file is malware.

Your script would be programmed to:

1) Examine your typed text for any words which match words you store in its data array.

2) The data array is numbered 1 through say 100. Each number has two variables attached. One variable is a key word. The second variable is the name of a file to be opened when it finds that word.

3) The file contains your html template. The script copies and pastes your typed text into the template. The easy method is to paste the text after the end of the document.

4) As your system develops, you may write IF/THEN trees, to decide which file to open if it discovers two or more key words, or whether to open additional files containing 'boilerplate' text, table of contents, copyright notices, etc.

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