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please help me with burning PIC

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Sep 4, 2008
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hello everybody
i am a electrical university student and also a newer to PIC. in fact i want to learn about programing to pic but there is no school here. i ve tried myself over internet. i am able to program in c but just alittle i want to burn it into pic 24c08 and 16F84. there is the only pic i found many at my local store. in order to burn pic what do i hav to do? do i need driver or other circuit? forums said there is a electronic board which was called driver but i cant find one in my local store. looking abroad i have seen one but too expensive. can anyone suggest me? what should i do? is there any circuit i can build myself in order to burn pic?


It is easy for me to say this, although I can appreicate your situation, but think that you really need to get the right parts if you want to do Micros in any depth.

The 16F84 chip is obselete and many modern programmers will not even burn it.
Also with it having such a small program memory it will not hold much C code.

The 16F628A is the modern version of the '84' and has twice the memory plus onboard EEprom.

The 18F1320 is the equivalent in the 18F range with 4 times the memory .
The 18F chips which are much better suited to C and supported by the free C18 complier from Microchip

As for a programmer, the USB Microchip Pickit2 is the best, its also available as clones as well - just search this forum for one in your area.

You might find details of serial programmers like the JDM that may program your '84' but that will just be delaying the inevitable.

An easy way to quickly learn PICs, without bothering much about hardware (and if it doesn't work, not knowing if it is the hardware or the software) is to buy one of the starterkits around. Some of them also have clear tutorials available which guide you step by step through the different basic things you need to know when programming PICs.

For example, a starterkit that looks very good and comes with board + programmer + tutorials is from **broken link removed**.
A more basic board without fancy stuff (but cheaper) is the popular Arduino board. But it uses an atmel microcontroller instead of a PIC.
Or the Easypic6 , which has almost everything (but most of these stuff you will probably never use).

thank for your help but i cant find 0ne here. my lecture said i should try to use some PIC which are found on TV. that sound a good idea i will ask somebody to buy abroad. but can any body suggest tool to burn most of PIC type.

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