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please help me for current gain simulation

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Jan 3, 2006
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I want to simulate the frequncy figure of current gain of a circuit with spectre.when input a AC current , I think I can plot the AC current VS frequency at a probe or a port of device,but I can't. Pls help me. how to an why? 3ks
Best regards.

Would you please explain a little more clearly?

try this :
in spectre ADE->output->save all... ,now in row 2 U will find 'select power signals to output(pwr)' ,then select 'all'
after that , just simulate it as U usually do

hope this can help U

Did you get a waveform or a wrong waveform?

first, 3ks for your reply.

I still can't get any plot. the attatchment picture is my test circuits with only RC. I had selected 'Save all, line1 all,line 2 all' and 'selected on schematic for a port of a resistor', ADE didn't gave me any plot about current ,but I can get voltage figure of any node.
The warning I'd got is that 'no "IF" data for node "/R3/plus" '.
How can I do?
PS. my actual circuit include MOS transistor.

Hi, Ladies and gentlemen:
3ks, I have solved my problem with your help.
I find if you want to get ac current on certain node ,you can use probe. you must set ADE like undermentioned method befor simulation.

Outputs-Save all:

line 1 : Select signals to output(save) all
line 2 : Select power signal to output (pwr) all
line 4: Select device currents(currents) all
line 6 : Select AC terminal currents(useprobes) yes

then we can get AC current plot of any port of any device.

Who can explain the means of above? pls help me.

Now ,I have another problem:
when I simulate the AC current gain of a simple current mirror, how do i get the gain? where is the small signal output signal?

I think, if we want to get AC gain ,we must simulate or compute with small signal circuit, which is difficult for large scale circuit. So, how to simulate the ac gain directlly?

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