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Please Help!! Config Clock source with ATMEGA 16

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Sep 20, 2002
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atmega16 clock fuse

I used to use AT90S8535 with bascomAVR then I change to ATMEGA 16
First I try to program it using STK200/300 Compatible isp cable. It program OK But chip ATMEGA16 was work veryslow. Then I read the data sheet it said that default clocksource is internal 1 MHz osc. (I used Crystal 8 MHz) so i need to changed Fuse bit to make it know what clock source is.

Then I changed fusebit using bascom program..
First it say : A987 >> 0001:internal 1 mhz
then i changed to 1010:1010 which follow datasheet for external crystal used.. and i fuse it.....
After it done Programmer can't detect chip any more and can't program it.....

So .. Please help me what i done wrong.. did i gonna loose my ATMEGA16 and if i get new one how can i config it.. Thank....

config clock bascom

Check the setting of lock bits which are different from fuse bits. If lock bits are set you can't reprogram or read. The only way then is do "chip erase" and once again program the device.

set atmega 16 fuse bits 16 mhz

I have try chip erase several times.. not thing happend .. I think I config fuse bit wrong.. and it should do some thing with clock source .. So.. at the moment I have some more ATMEGA MCU but I don't know how to make it works with external crystal .. I afraid that I will lost more CPU if you have been work with it please help me.. just how to set fuse bit .. or any program to program it... Thanks..

atmega16 clock external crystal

I know this is an old post, but if you haven't found the solution read here: **broken link removed**

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