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PIC comunnicating to a palm via IR

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Sep 21, 2002
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avr irda palm

Does anyone have the inf about ir for palm ? What is the format of the string ?


irda stack for pic

The common mod to connect pic to palm via Ir, is an IrDA connection (w* PalmOS support this kind of connection. You will view the IrDA connection like an ordinary com port (trough IrComm) search web for IrDA apps,

pic irda

use mc2150 also at Microchip it's a simple IRDA controller with UART

Check this,
Build a irda compliant device and monitor port.
**broken link removed**

the mc2150 has a unit cost of US$ 4,80.

I can't use it in a device the has a cost of US$ 25,00

Thank you

The SIRPIC website has all you need to know, with hardware and software details (Palm & PIC)

Check it out:

The SirPic is a rather crude way IMHO of doing IR on a Palm, it requires a hardware dongle to the Palm's serial port.

For IRDA to a pic, you could do raw IR but it does not work on Palm's with an OMAP processor. but even here you would need to add a IRDA transciever to your pic which would cost about $2. so maybe this does not meet your price point?

There is an Irda stack for AVR's check **broken link removed** maybe you can adapt it for a pic?


SirPic requires NO DONGLES to the serial port.
You can transmit raw IR from your PIC to palm using the IrTx interface, which is a simple transistor+IR LEDS interface.
If you have an existing serial out from your PIC, you can use the PS2IR interface which converts serial pulses to infra red pulses, which drives the raw IrTx interface.
SirPic is raw and lightweight, ideal for PIC projects which dont need to be burdened with the IrDA stack.
Any questions please email me at

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