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Phase And Gain detector (PGA) AD8302

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I have used them, they work fine, but like any very high GBP device layout is critical, and even then these things will oscillate at low level in the absence of input signal (It goes away as soon as any real input power is present).

Note the phase detector is least accurate around the in phase positions, better to arrange for the inputs to be slightly out of phase when whatever condition is critical for you appears.

You want at least a two layer board with solid ground plane, and 4 layers is better...

Regards, Dan.
thank you for sharing your knowledge. For the PCB layout i would do the same upper and lower most ground and between two layers would hold the circuit.

In my case phase detector would always be out of phase. does it work for 100m peak to peak sine signals with offset 60mV. RC circuit.PNGsine wave generation.PNG

i have a RC filter, just a resistor and variable capacitor in series. please refer to attached file RC Circuit. i want to measure the phase change due to capacitor between point A & B and also the magnitude loss at point B. I want some PGA(Phase and Gain) recommendations for setup like i have described. How i should start with this chip. i am new to these kind of chips.

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