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Petroleum exploration status monitoring system

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Apr 15, 2021
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The oil exploration wells are scattered and numerous, and abnormal phenomena need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Manual inspection takes a long time and is poorly time-sensitive; wired transmission has many shortcomings such as cumbersome wiring, high cost, and no mobile network coverage on site.

Now it is necessary to support a large number of access, wide coverage, efficient data transmission and data center can summarize the data of the wireless transmission technology for data collection, and then through the central connection network to synchronize the data to the platform server for related data push and display.

How it works

Each wellhead is installed with a dormant terminal device and connected to the triaxial sensor of the wellhead as an alarm node to monitor the status of each wellhead. And arrange the router (coordinator) terminal equipment and gateway equipment in the appropriate place to complete the construction of the entire data network.

(1)When the triaxial sensor with the wellhead detects an abnormal state at the wellhead, the triaxial sensor sends the anomaly data to the corresponding dormant terminal equipment;

(2)The dormant terminal will self-wake up for the first time and report the received abnormal data together with the node ID and longitude and latitude coordinates of the wellhead

(3)The data is received and forwarded to the gateway device through the router device at all levels;

(4)After the gateway device receives the data, it passes the data to the platform server through the 4G network, and the platform server pushes the alarm and presents the data.

System composition

The entire data network is composed of dormant terminal equipment, router (coordinator) terminal equipment, and gateway equipment.

According to the actual distribution of monitoring points on the site and the signal coverage of the equipment zigbee, it is divided into monitoring areas, and each monitoring point is installed with a dormant terminal device to monitor the monitoring points.

And install a router terminal device in each monitoring lane area, the router terminal equipment for the entire area of the dormant terminal equipment for networking management and data forwarding, and in the entire field environment to select a power supply, signal, field environment are better site installation of a coordinator terminal to ensure the work of the entire network.

In the entire zigbee network coverage environment, you can find a site with 4G network signal coverage, install a gateway there, the gateway joins the entire zigbee network as a router (can also be a coordinator), interacts with the entire zigbee network, and synchronizes the relevant data to the Internet.

If there is no 4G network signal coverage site in the zigbee network coverage environment, the network coverage can be extended by cascading router terminal equipment until the gateway is installed in the 4G network signal coverage area.

System advantages

Excellent low power consumption: All exploration sites are data-fed by dormant nodes and can be battery-powered, with only routing and gateways requiring continuous power.

Strong network self-healing: using zigbee ad hoc network technology, if there is equipment damage, the equipment can be moved out of the network to use standby equipment to replace, will not affect the work of other nodes, the system stability is good.

No network coverage required: The entire data network operates independently, only the gateway needs to be installed in the area with network coverage, and other devices do not need network support, which is suitable for remote areas with no network or poor network status.

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