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PCB - Wondering Whether to buy Locally or ?

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Feb 14, 2013
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I have made a primitive (small) circuit on my breadboard that I would like to use and offer to my HOA.

The circuit is a modification to an PIR that instead of tripping it's internal siren (not loud enough to wake me), it will trigger an external 12v siren I have purchased.

My question is:
Anyone have an opinion on whether I should order from one of my magazine ad's, or use a local supplier?
I'm favoring a local supplier (local is Charlotte, NC)

I have never ordered one and hope someone has some personal experience that would help me before placing an order.

Thanks for any help or guidance.

hey there,

There is a chinese company that produce pcbs for a really really low price, You should check them out, I can't remember their name, used them a few years ago, The only problem there, is that there is a minimum of 10 boards required to be ordered.

Don't rule them out just because of that though, their workmanship is amazing and for their price, its a damn good deal.


Making PCB's yourself should be a big deal unless you are planning to produce a large quantity of PCB's.

You can use a simple Laser Printer , Cloth Iron , Glossy Paper and FeCl solution see this for more info:

And if you are really set to buy ready made PCB's then you can find some Chinese PCB makers on ebay if you don't bother waiting few weeks for shipping time.

Hi,also Chinese PCB supplier is here.I can not agree with ThePani,our sample lead time is pretty short ,only 4 days for 2L sample.And if use FedEx/DHL/UPS,then you can get the samples within one week,not few weeks like ThePani said above.

I have many overseas customers ,maybe you could have a try to import PCB from China.

If any interest ,please contact me .

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