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Parallel wire FSS - Parameter S

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Oct 29, 2007
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Hi all,

I have read different posts about how to create FSS in HFSS. I have followed the different steps (1.- Create unit cell, 2.- Define PML, 3.- Define Master/Slave Boundaries). What kind of excitations should I define and where in order to get the S-parameter of the structure in a frequency sweep.

I have read about Incident Wave, but if I define it, for instance, at the top of the air-box with k=-z, I can't find in results the option to plot S-parameters.

On the other hand, should I define any kind of mesh or it's already done by default?

Thanks in advance!

PD: please, find attached a picture of my design as well as the design in HFSS

Incident wave ist correct.
In the properties of the PML at the top end you need to check "Advanced Options" and "Reference for FSS". This is then Port1. The other PML, below the surface, is then automatically Port2.


Thank you for your help, but I cannot find "advanced option" for PML. I use HFSS v9 and all related to PML that I was able to find is shown in the attached picture.

If you know how can I access to this option, please let me know

Thank very much

First you have to assign the periodic boundaries. Then the feature is enabled.
On bottom of the first page of the PML-Wizard check "Incident Wave" and "Reference for FSS".
You can also use radiation boundary, thats usually faster and the results with normal incidence are the same.

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