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Panasonic TV model TC-29P80K

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Aug 19, 2009
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Working on a Panasonic TV model TC-29P80K. Unit initially arrived dead. When powered up, only the main LED come on but nothing else happened. Opened up the unit and found the HOT and damper diode shorted.

Managed to replace the HOT with the original part number which was 2SC2553 but could not locate the damper diode part number RH3F at any of my local electronic stores. After checking all the specifications, I substituted the damper with a BY228-15-TR. Now, the unit powers up fine but I have a very serious pincushion problem. I tried replacing capacitors in the horizontal and vertical circuits. Also replaced the capacitors near the deflection yoke plug. No improvement at all. The only pots I can find very located on the PCB attached to the yoke coil, adjusted those, but still no improvement. Is my substitute damper diode causing the pincushion problem?

I don't have the service manual and not sure where exactly the pincushion circuitry is on the main board. Would be appreciative is someone can suggest a remedy or share any of your experiences which might help.

Thanking you in advance for you help.

Hi there,

I'd love to help you with your problem, but unfortunately, I can't. But I really need your help since you have the same TV as mine.

My problem is, I accidentally changed the colour setting and now I couldn't find any info on how to change it back. Do you mind to check yours and send it to me?

I need the numbers for these settings :
1) Colour
2) NTSC-Tint
3) Brightness
4) Contrast
5) Sharpness
6) Colour-tempt

here's my email :

An early reply is much appreciated.
Thank you very much sir.

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