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PADS Layout 9.3 copper pour / vias

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Jun 10, 2011
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The problem I am having is best described as connectivity issues with the copper pours.

After using the "copper pour" tool to draw the outline, then clicking "complete" and using the flood tool on it, it would appear I can get the pour to fill, but it doesn't connect to the net specified in properties.

Furthermore, various elements on the other side of the board cannot be simply connected by a via to this copper pour, the connection ratsnests still exist even after putting down vias.

Looking for a way to work with planes in pads layout.

Thank you kindly,

Best Regads,

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Hi Dan,

Even i faced this problem. Try routing all the nets first and give pour.


Staggering, I've been hitting my head on the desk for hours trying to figure this one out.

Well, the whole functionality is quite shaky, so a very specific technique must be followed:

How to draw a copper pour and connect to vias in pads layout 9.3:

1. Draw copper pour, make sure it is a SIMPLE SHAPE. Any complex shape is not registered properly and creates problems. (This is KEY to making copper pour work)
2. Place vias where appropriate, use routing on the main layer, then right-click>create via; then right-click>end.
3. Type "PO" and then press enter.
4. Re-flood the copper pour.
5. Repeat 2-4 until all connections are placed.

Bug Report:
Upon having a complex shape for the copper pour (polygon, 45 deg cut-off corners, irregular to about 20-30 edges) the copper pour is not registered as a copper pour, doesn't connect to vias/routing, and re-appears after being deleted.

Typing this up for anybody struggling out there.

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OK, I was too happy too fast. This issue is not resolved.

I have a nice copper pour, that is not very complex, smack down in the middle of my PCB. It works - meaning that any relevant VIA that I add, then "PO" and re-flood, is connected.

However, adding any new copper pour doesn't work - no matter the complexity or shape, upon connecting the pour to actual net, it doesn't flood. When not connected to any net, it floods OK.

I can't figure out how to make it flood; so far I've tried shutting down dxdesigner link, different shapes and different order of property change - still can't figure out what did I do exactly to make my other pour work.

This means that my previous conclusion is either partial or incorrect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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FINALLY a solution.

Apparently, PADS will not flood unless there is a VIA (not a TH element connection, mind you, but an actual VIA) inside the area of the copper pour.

I've tested this with more complex shapes and in various parts of my PCB; it works.

Still, on the side of caution, I will wait a day before marking this post as solved.

Best regards to all, and good luck.


...Apparently, PADS will not flood unless there is a VIA (not a TH element connection, mind you, but an actual VIA) inside the area of the copper pour...

It is mandatory even at other PCB design programs.
However this net discontinuity can be detect by DRC tool.

Sounds like you did not performed this step.
Confirm that ?


I don't think the functionality is correct; as putting a copper pour around the leg of a Through-hole element, would be expected to still flood if it needs to be connected to that leg - but doesn't, and requires an added via.

I did not do DRC checking, but since it didn't flood I knew something was wrong.

It sometimes occurs if those components violates some routing rules.
Check about it on configurations panel.


Hi there!
Well think I can help with that ... I faced this problem once, I was trying to create a copper plane associated to a specific net, and it just didn't get poured, then I realized that there was another copper pour all around the board, and I was trying to create this new copper pour inside that another copper area, then the pour comand just coudn't fill that.

To solve that I had to delete the copper area around the board, and created a new one surrounding all the smaller cooper areas of the board, just can't create a simple poligon overlapping all the smaller copper areas in the board.

Hope it can help you guys!



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