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Outlet works doesn't work

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Sep 24, 2014
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So here's the deal I live off grid. I noticed two things, If my printer is not plugged in when I am on my inverter/battery bank (705 amph with 1000w inverter) and I plug it in it will cause my computer (same circuit) and phone/modem to reset but this does not happen when I am on my generator. Then today I noticed that (another circuit) my microwave was not working while on the inverter, checked breaker and it was good. Switched on the generator and microwave works. My question is can there be a significant voltage drop from the inverter that is not enough to power the outlet the microwave is on and subsequently cause a spike or surge when plugging in my printer. Here's how my power is set up. I have a 30amp twist lock for both my generator and inverter. I located the left bar of my main panel to supply my main daytime (on inverter) needed items and use the same twist lock for both. What I've done with the twist lock is wired for 220v and 110v 220v for the generator and 110v for the female twist lock 110v from the inverter so when plugged into the inverter 110v one leg of the inverter female twist lock is blank on one hot side and the one hot serves the left bar of my main panel. So they are completely safe of any cross.

It may be that your inverter is having a little trouble with the load. Is 1000W a peak figure? A lot of the economy ones list their peak value in order to snare customers away from the higher cost units that will work as advertised.

This is a real easy check though; Get your multimeter and plug it into the circuit and check for a voltage drop when you add a load. Also, check and ensure you're not exceeding your max load of 9A @ 110V.
Some inverters give out a "modified" sinewave which is a series of square pulses that roughly approximate a sine wave. The HV in the microwave will use a step up transformer which will not work very well with a modified sine wave.
Thanks guys, my inverter is modified sine wave and surge rated 2k it is a zantxax. I do have a large pure sine I'm getting ready to install I just want to up my wire sizing first. And I'l get my meter out and check that good idea Roaburn
Thanks again

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