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Oscilloscope "Aux In" port

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Aug 11, 2009
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oscilloscope aux out

What is the use of an "Aux In" port on an oscilloscope? How is that used? Thank you!

4510 oscilloscope

I have 4 different scopes in the lab here and none of them have an "AUX" input. What model scope is it. Is the connector in the analog-input section or the trigger section?

using oscilloscopes auxiliary trigger

It's one of the Tektronix DPO7000 Series.

Added after 13 minutes:

Found this in Tektronix manual:
Auxiliary Trigger is the trigger source most often used in digital design and
repair. For example, you might want to trigger with an external clock or with a
signal from another part of the circuit. To use the auxiliary trigger, connect the
external triggering signal to the Auxiliary Trigger input connector on the logic
scope rear panel.

aux inputs on oscilloscope

I don't have one of those scope, so I can't say for certain. However, since that series of scopes uses "VPI"probes, the AUX input may be there to allow you to connect an input without using a probe.

Oscilloscope's Aux In

The quoted manual clause is clear in this respect, isn't it? Basically aux is an option to use an external trigger without needing a free input channel.

Oscilloscope's Aux In

I beleive that this series has 3 AUX connectors; Aux In, Aux Trigger In and Aux Trigger Out. The original post was regarding the Aux In.

Also, note that he added his comment about the clause in the manual after my Post.

Oscilloscope's Aux In

The front panel connector labeled "Aux In" is designated "Aux Trigger Input" in the manual.

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