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Sep 14, 2003
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What's New In Proteus Version 6.00.00

Proteus 6 represents the culmination of nearly two years development work on the core (ISIS/ARES) elements of the Proteus system. A summary of the main functional enhancements is listed below

**broken link removed**

1. Completely new look and feel with conventional Windows toolbars and re-sizing of the overview and object selector. Toolbars can be positioned on any of the four sides of the application window, whilst the overview/object selector can be dragged either to the left or right hand sides. All editor mode icons are visible simultaneously making for less mouse clicks when placing and editing.

2. Integration of ARES package library viewing into ISIS so that PCB footprints may be selected visually when making new components.

3. A completely new PCB Packaging Tool in ISIS, allowing for easier creation of multi-element schematic parts and validation of pin numbering against the PCB footprint. This has also been integrated into the Make Device command allowing for seamless component creation and packaging.

4. A package verifier that checks that all packages and pin numbers specified in an ISIS design exist in the ARES package libraries.

5. Maximized PROSPICE graphs now display in their own windows enabling multiple graphs to be maximized simultaneously. The schematic can be also be viewed and edited whilst a graph is maximized.

6. This functionality is only available with the Advanced Simulation Features.

7. Digital Pattern Generator - a new virtual instrument to complement the Audio Signal Generator.

8. Digital conformance analysis allows for creation of automatic software test suites. The analysis compares a new set of results against previously stored reference results at specified sampling points.

9. This functionality is only available with the Advanced Simulation Features.

10. Enhanced track editing facilities within ARES. Routes may be dragged and dropped as well as re-routed. Routes may be dragged into illegal positions whilst editing but flash to indicate connectivity violations.

11. New connectivity and design rule check listings - double click on any entry in the list and ARES will show you the exact location of the problem on the board.

12. Per strategy design rules, allowing different clearances to be specified for different nets.

13. Revised block copy/move/delete functionality in ARES allowing for operations to be performed on single or multiple layers.

14. Support for slots and mechanical routing within the CADCAM output system.

15. Support for any shape pads, also including circular SMT pads for BGAs and other modern footprint styles, and user control of aperture sizes on resist and paste layers.

16. A mechanism for tiling/panelizing boards using the Gerber Viewer.

17. Thousands of new library parts - both schematic devices and PCB footprints, the latter including the full SM782 SMT standard library.

18. Multiple Undo/Redo in both ISIS and ARES.

These and other infos, included download of DEMO software on:

isis ares download

Two new graphic LCD components in DISPLAY.LIB.
These new components use KS0108 controller (low cost)

If somebody can use these components with Proteus5 please
let me know !

proteus 6

download the demo

open the libs decompose then and copy the script to notepad

then paste to a script you have in the older version already prepaired
and adjust as nessisary
and compile the lcd lib
{you may need to make a lib part by study the way the ones they has come appart into symbols and then reconstruct each symbol
then build a new part
then copy the lcdmpx dll from the demo to the proteus patch

and he presto a working part {if you did it right}

new part proteus

Does it include Proteus VSM?

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