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Neural Networks - Algorithms, Applications and Programming

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Jan 6, 2006
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neural networks simon haykin ebook

can any body provide me some info on neural networks ?

neural networks a comprehensive foundation ebook

you can see this book
Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation (2nd Edition) by Simon Haykin

also you can search in in Search part Ebook Download/ Upload

neural networks, simon haykin ebook

hi ,
Simple dude..

Neyrals means Brain Physiology related stuff.
Network is connectivity on the realtime enviornments.

NN as they are called is a feil where in the devices are designed keeping the physiology and fuctioning of brain as a reference..

It is (nn)re made of Neurons..

want more info the book link provided by one friend will prove useful.. good starter


neural networks: a comprehensive foundation ebook


Neural network is a kind of Artificial Intelligence. The basic elements in NN are neurons, weights, and threshold.
NN is a model simulating human brain, where it can learn by training. The concept of NN is not complicated, you can learn from many books. There are several ebooks about NN in EDAboard Ebook Upload/Downlaod.

There're many architectures and training methods for NN, where each of them has strength and weakness respectively. Looking for a suitable architecture and training algorithm for particular application is very important to make the NN work.

simon haykin neural networks download ebook

You can refer to Qijun Zhang's papers. Search MTT for Qijun zhang's paper.
Best regards,

simon haykin neural network ebook

I need:

Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation (2nd Edition) -- by Simon Haykin

book. anybody know how can i find it

neural networks-a comprehensive foundation e-book

Try to look for it in the EDAboard Ebook Upload/Download. This is a quite famous book, should be able to get it.

simon haykin – neural networks ebook

hi deer u can try this book it will help u
basicaly it is sub branch of Artifical aintelegence a very wast field
it was develop by inspiring nature.

simon haykin neural network ebook download

NN is one way of simulating the way humans learn things.
It is a network of nodes (Neurons, Nerves), relating with each other with links (synapses). Each link has a Wait. So we can simulate it with a matrix, each row representing the waits between a certain node and the other nodes. This network can have layers, it means there are two or more sets of nodes, each have a matrix of its own, and there are some links between layers. The first set (which may be the only set) has some links to the outside, representing INPUTS. The final set (which can be the only set, too) has outer links as the OUTPUT of the network. You apply the inputs to the INPUT, and you get the output from OUTPUT. Learning, means changing, in some manner, the waits of the nodes, so that the networks give the right outputs with certain inputs. So, they can give the outputs of unknown inputs, by learning the relation between the INPUTS and OUTPUTS of your certain problem.
There are some different kind of Nets, such as RBF (Radial Basis Functions), Multi-Layer perceptrons (MLP), Kohonen Networks, so on... .
You can find a comprehensive description of NNs here:


ebbok simon haykin artificial neural networks

this book is useful:
Neural Networks - Algorithms, Applications and Programming Techn.
Hagan,M.T., Demuth,H.B. and Beale,M.H.
neural haykin ebook

rs_408 said:
I need:

Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Foundation (2nd Edition) -- by Simon Haykin

book. anybody know how can i find it


The eBook is available here (RapidShare links):

neural networks. a comprehensive foundation ebook

I think this will help you guys out more in learning Artificial inteligence concept.

neural network simon haykin ebook

try some e books from or

ebook neural networks comprehensive

Thanks a lot 4 this book.

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