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.NET Framework Problem

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Dec 21, 2004
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I have already asked this question many times in deed.........

If I want to deploy a VB.NET application "exe" file to a user for example. The VB.NET exe will ask for .NET framework, how can I make a setup using the .NET studio 2003 I am working on, or what ever that knows what .NET framework coponents required to start my VB.NET application on a computer on which there is no .NET framework installed, eliminating the need for installing the whole .NET framework.

I have seen many VB.NET based applications working on my PC, while .NET framework is not installed, but their setup already contains the required .NET framework components necessary to start that VB.NET application, and knows exactly where to put them, its not logical to say "Just install the whole .NET framework which is more than 20MB" for a 36K VB.NET exe file , please help me guys with this...

Most on-line articales I read say that its necessary to install .NET framework, but how does those guys do it !! MAGIC :cry:

Thanks in advance..

The only way i see is to find which ocx/dll and other files are required by the application. then you simply add them to the setup script, and add registering commands for all of them. that should do it.
or if youre enthusiastic then you dont use the .NET framework (which is inevitably slower than raw code and API calls) and write your application in a language such as C++.
.NET tries to make application programming easier, but as youve now noticed, it has its price.

EDIT: to find the necessities, i recall that in VB6 you would go to Components, and then References, and see whatever is checked is a requirement. im not familiar with VB.NET


Thanks for replying. I can see that .NET framework makes programming easier, I saw that while learning VB.NET, but as you said, at the price of 23Mb which when installed takes 100MB on the HDD.

I already did the right choice and returned back to VB6 !!

I have a small problem here, I was playing with the components box dialog, and I can see there are two items which have no names or resources, how can I remove them from the components dialog box.


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