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Need square wave generation with PIC16F84 please urgently!!

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Apr 12, 2005
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San Jose, California, USA
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square wave generator using pic

Hello all
I am not a prfect PIC user, I used it one year ago in a project, but it took long time..

Now I want to do approximately simpler thing, but have no time indeed to waste in it.. I want to make a random number generator of variable bit rate

I can discribe it in brief as follows:

- It generates any random set of bits at one pin of any port.
- I can change (or select) between different bit rates via external thing (e.g. push button, I think it will be good and easy, each push should switch to the next range),
- bits on output are normal NRZ pulses of variable widthes depending on selected rate.
- Ranges: 3kb/s through 13kb/s with step kb/s (10 ranges i.e. to scan over the full range, you should press the push button 10 times)
- I prefer if i can display anything that tell me at which range i am working even on leds (for example: using 4 LEDs to display number of selected range in binary)
- I need it to be using PIC 16F84A, as I don't have another PIC insteed of it.
- I need it very urgent! and very fast! It's not a project itself, but i need it to run an RF digital data-link, and I got tired from 555, XOR, D-FF, and Registers Random number generators!! very tiring and difficult to build and adjust, so I thought that PIC will be easier!

Note that, I don't have any C or BASIC compilers, I wrote my last project in assembly,

Please, if you can't undertand anything, then do ask me about it and i will clarify, but don't leave the post w/o replying! any reply may help me so much!!

If anyone can help me in that problem even in making it for me i will be very thankful!

Thanks alot in advance,

pic16f84 square generator

i think your biggest problem is in generating random numbers and u can use another controller also PIC to produce a variable frequency like PIC 16F877
for random number generation try to revise your course in statics and propability
god help u

square wave generation, pic

To clarify, My aim isn't exactly to make a one bit width random number generation, but to generate even a prepeated signal of non-uniform bits configuration, e.g. 101101011010001010100100101110101001010101100 (any long enough length), then repeat this stream again infinite time.. I will accet that as random number

hence, I think 16F84 is absolutely enough to perform such task..

and It's not important to know anything about statistics and probability..

I hope that's it's now more clear..
Thanks for help, but i still didn't solve it!
Still need help please,

need for wave generation

The first thing to do to make this easier on yourself is to get hold
of a C compiler like the free F84 version that you'll find here:


It seems like you really need a repeating binary bit stream with variable period.
If this is true, you can just define a suitable variable(s) - eg: 32 bit integer,
fill it (or them) with the pattern that you want, and shift it out on a port pin, based on the currently selected bit period. There is example code in C all over the
Internet showing how to shift and test, write to ports, etc.

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