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Need info how to control solenoids for a water wall

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Aug 13, 2015
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I am looking to make a water wall and would like to have the water dance across the wall. I have been searching online to figure out how the dancing Water walls are made to dance but have had no luck. Does anyone know, or could point me in the right direction? Can I just buy some sort of control box for solenoids? Or can I solder a board together to control the solenoids? I don't want it to dance to music just a random pattern.

Thank you for any help I can get on this. Randy
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Re: New to group... Need info how to control solenoids for a water wall

A straight forward water wall :- So to get a random effect you must have some system of blocking up the feed holes in the pipe. You could use solenoids but it would be very expensive. A better way would be to have another close fitting pipe inside the main feed pipe which is slowly rotated by a motor. If lots of holes are drilled along its length when they line up with the holes in the outer tube you would get some water out.
Re: New to group... Need info how to control solenoids for a water wall

It sounds an interesting idea, however in the case of changing the dancing pattern, would be necessary to manufacture another mechanic piece to change it physically. Using valves, he could electronically program new squirt sequences, remote.
Re: New to group... Need info how to control solenoids for a water wall

Yes Frank that is like the water wall I am going to build, but it will be for my garden outside. Interesting idea you have!! I never gave that a thought... Now I will have to think about how to engineer a tube inside a tube that rotates and will be pressurized.... ..... :)

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Hi andre_teprom, initially I was thinking it would be nice to change the pattern of the water but I didn't know if it would be to complicated or not. I have built a few electronic kits before but nothing to advanced. I also wasn't aware if I could just buy a board already put together and just hook it up... Its all in the planning stage right now. Thx for the reply

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